What Import Receiver Should Sit?

If Tony Miles is activated for this game....and it sounds like this is going to be the case, what import receiver should come off the roster so Miles can play? If it was me, I'd be sitting Scott Mitchell for this game. The recent play of JoJo Walker has been refreshing to say the least and I believe he deserves to start at one slotback spot with Miles starting at the other slotback spot.

i hope Mitchell sits.

Walker has played great in Miles' absence.

Rodriguez is our deep threat.

Bauman is our Canadian Starter

Mitchell has done nothing the last few weeks.

8) I agree wholeheartedly, Mitchell should be the one to sit down for this game !!

i think this is a easy question and we all agree that it has to be mitchell who sits.

Smith will probably sit and Walker will be the extra reciever . We dont want to go back to the days of the 2 small inside rcievers do we ??

IMO having Miles back will open up the field again for Mitchell to be the BIG inside target that he can be .

Tre Smith has proven to be a valuable kick returner and RB.
He won't sit....
That is the Smith you are referring to,right?

Mitchell is starting. Leading receiver, and Walker and Miles are both smallish. Either Walker or Smith will sit...my bet is Smith...

Jo Jo Walker and Pat Woodcock will get
in lots of plays on 5 and 6 receiver sets.

Willie Cohen and C. Rempel will not.


The Depth chart always lists
only 4 receivers as starters,

but we often use 5 receiver sets
and sometimes 6 receivers sets.

They still have to sit out an import for Miles to play, Ron. Eddie Cohen has been sitting for several games now and by the looks of the depth chart you can almost guarantee that Walker will be the odd man out for this game. Absolutely no chance that Tre Smith will be sitting this one out.

JoJo will play....Just not as much cause miles is back.

what you'll see is caulley come out and jojo come in as a 5th receiver on passing downs, even on 1st down you could this and have lumsden remain in the backfield as the single back to keep the argos honest. i think jojo will get a lot of of downs still.like to see him or tre used more as the scatback similiar how archie amerson was used most effective.

True, Mitchell is the leading receiver, yet everyone wants to sit him every week. I've heard so much about Rodriguez on this forum, but he hasn't done anything at all except have one big game where more than half his yards came from two fluke plays - the "jump ball". That play still irritates me. Take it out of the play book. Mitchell has a lot of talent that needs to be developed and he is years ahead of Rodriguez. The P-Rod gravy train left the station a little too early in this town.