what if???

what if Jesse Lumsden gets cut from Washington I think it would be interesting to see if he could solve our run game problem. I remember hopeing he would stick down there so we couldnt have a problem if he came back...but now I want to see if he can help this team run the ball

Jesse could not save our run game problem because our run game problem has little to do with our running backs and a lot to do with our o-line.

Plus, unless Jesse is willing to sign for at least a couple of years I think it would be a big mistake to bring him back. Why put effort into someone who is just going to run back to the NFL again next year?

i doubt many NFL teams would give JL his third kick at the can.....

generally players barely get one, let alone two.

Good luck to Jesse in Washington. Expect to see him on special teams for the Redskins. Check the Spec article today on Lumsden. The last place on his mind for footballis Hamilton.

Well, if he comes here if he gets cut, he'll be a lot stronger after lifting that thick play book NFL teams have from what they say in the article.
Keep lifting Jesse!

He also might be a lot smarter after learning how to play football at the highest level. But that's okay, I know you were just being sarcastic.