what if

what if WHAT IF in the playoff insted just1 game n' your out. wo what if there was a best of 3 becuz you dont want a never ending series like hockey or baseball plus three there would be more heated rivalrys and fer the grey cup just one game just wanna see what u guys thiink

A three game series, it could take a team 9 games to win the grey cup. The whole season is only 18 games. So that would be like "%50 MORE CFL". I don' think that is a realistic thing to do. I think it would be aswome to watch though.

Best of three would take too long. Ever heard of punctuation?

Back in the day they did a 2 game total points series did they not?

Although it would be a better determination of the better teams, it could take an extra 6 weeks and take the season into the new year.

yea umm spelling n’ crap isint one of my fav things in the world as u can see

That would be stupid. That, to me is one of the great thigns about football. You have to be ready when its game time...

yea i guess but i was just thinkin it would be a good excuse fer more football
the way it was ment to be played. i just cant stand watching the nfl its to boring

I think football is too rough a sport for something like that nowadays. still it would be interesting to see.

Yeh sure it's dumb, but i would love to see the Grey Cup game turned into a three game series over say two weeks ,more chances to watch the Rough Riders and more parties...........GO RIDERS

Its just not feasible to have a best of 3 in football, but the Grey Cup 3 game series is an interesting idea.

Keep it the way it is, this is football, the toughest and hardness games on the plant.

And the only league that should be doing a two game point series is the AFL/VFL (Australian Football aka Aussie Ball), if the first game ends in a tie and they need to have another game (aka reply, or base it on the 6 point goals scored). Thank you CFL! For coming up with it!