what if

Hells Angels bought the argos, without the league realizing it of course.

Think they could get more people into the stands?

What better place to do drugs deals.

you got yer family section
you got yer no smoking section
you got yer no drinking section
you got yer drug dealers section
you got yer weapons dealing section
you got yer full patch section. everyone who wants to be full patch must have season tickets and actually attend.

and of course, HA signs new lease with stadium where they agree to provice security

they do come through my town of Campbell River on their Teddy Bear drive and stop at the Quinsam Hotel? I don't mind; All their Harley D's :rockin: are parked (one by one) side by side outside on both sides of the street, very impressive... and 8) I must say.

What are you saying? They are officially just a motorcycle enthusiasts club! They say they would never be involved in the alleged deeds the media reports.


If you're asking me Grims; the gang is against child molesters. Cheers....ect.

notice I didnt mention any child molesters section.

kinda funny though. Some people, gangsters or otherwise, will be against child molesting, yet have no problem blowing away their parents for a few dollars or whatever. Not a lot of difference in my opinion. The child still suffers for a very long time. but I digress...

Now that would turn some heads.... :cowboy: