What if...

Instead of Suckatchewan making those mistakes last week and Montreal made them instead, then the Riders be of to the GC by now! :shock: spooky!

I know what you guys think abou the CO, but for Gods sake you must understand it’s one of those necessary evils.

The ideal format for a league of nine or ten teams is to have no divisions and the best of 6 teams advance to the Finals.

However, history has it that when the league was formed, it was formed by the meager of the two leagues (from the East and the West) which became conferences of the new united league and then later the current divisions, most traditionalist want to see this format continue.

Therefore, as a compromise beteew these two finals formats, the CO, which was Bron though the US experiment, was carried over to the revised CFL in 1996 to present (and hopefully the future). It keeps the old system intact which allowing for the best 6 teams to play in the finals. That is why it’s so good, that is why it’s the great compromise. Sure it’s a little fuzzy, but with a good salary cap to even out the talent a bit in the league, and other improvements, it works!

Don’t agree, fine, but it you must listen and it must countinue in the future.

I’d rather see 6th place Roughriders going to the GC, than the 7th placed Renegades or the 8th placed Blue Bombers for that matter.

I’ll fight for it until the day I die.

(My original post cancel out again, CFLPM, isn’t there SOMETHING you can do to stop that!)