what IF

So, really what IF BC, comes in and somhow beats your team! ? How mad will you be? The fact they wouldnt even be in the east, if it was not for that butcherd call, where BC beat you guys! I know i feel a little upset at the fact we lost to a team that should not have even been in the east. altho overall the "better" team won

I’d be really pissed but… it’s not gonna happen. If there’s anything good coming out of the BC win, it’s that the Als won’t take them lightly. And we all know how the Als play when they don’t underestimate the other team.

Teams have come in to MOntreal all season and got their bell rung, including the Lions. Edmonton's season got bent in Montreal. The "world beater" Riders got beat, Hamilton came in to Montreal on a hot streak and it broke their season.

Montreal is rested, healthy and they still have a really bitter taste in their mouth of letting the city down last year so while any team has a shot on a given day.

I predict that the Als are going to crush the Lions at Olympic stadium this weekend.

Anything can happen in this league. So an Als loss wouldn't be a shocker.

But on paper, we're equal or superior to the Lions in every area you care to name.

QB: superior
RB: superior (Mallett is a better power back, but Cobourne is much more versatile)
O-line: superior (we don't let our entire group of QBs get killed by concussions and shoulder injuries from big hits)
Receivers: superior as a group (sure, we don't have a Geroy Simon, but our average talent level is higher, which means we're less vulnerable if one particular receiver is shut down)
D-line: equal
Linebackers: superior
Secondary: superior
Kicker: equal
Kick returner: superior (LT is the best in the league)
Coaching: equal

Lions will not beat the Als even though I hope they do, Als are just to much of a superior team all around compared to the Lions, it will be a Rider and Als Grey Cup date, now that will be a different story :slight_smile:

Here is my 2 cents' worth. Als' fans have been treated to one of the best seasons ever. Montreal has future Hall of Famers who will take the field on Sunday. HOWEVER, and this is a big one, we have been down this road before. The season, great as it was, is now history. The present is Sunday November 22. No team can ever take its opponent lightly. The Als had everything going for them in the GC last year in front of 66,000 mostly partisan fans. They still came up short.

Winning a championship game is a matter of preparation, focus, and execution on that day - past performance over the season doesn't count any more. I hope coach Trestman and his team prepare them well; Wally Buono has definitely shown his grit as a head coach. Go Als go!!!!

Yeah all the Westerners have their little toes and little fingers crossed that the the Lions pull an upset :wink:

Good post jkm. If I'm not mistaken the Als treated the fans to a stellar season by not losing a single game at home? What a treat. I've always liked Anthony Calvillo's play. He's a very intelligent QB and versatile. Montreal's stats speaks for itself but then again it is a whole new 'season' called the Final and it is only one game long.

If the Lions can shut down Cobourne and Cahoon and if its D is on top of its game, the Lions will give Montreal a run for its money. Oh I should also mention that B.C. cannot afford to take stupid penalties.

Personally I think the Lions are in Cavillo's head. I don't know why it is but Montreal seems to struggle with B.C. it has not just been this year.

Statistically Montreal should take out B.C. but let's not forget that B.C. only lost 3 games back in 2007, sat on top of the League but never made it to the Grey Cup.

Part of me would like to see Montreal take the Grey Cup but not at B.C.'s expense of course. If they do get past B.C. I will be cheering for Montreal. They will have earned it.

I just wonder if BC's O-line chants cumbia when there holding hands trying not to take procedure calls :roll:
at any rate your fans in that dome will make it very hard to focus I think should be crazy at the least go AL's go :wink:

For Beaglehound, I, too, believe that the Lions are in AC's head. As I stated in my post, the Als have had excellent seasons over the years where many players displayed their remarkable talents by racking up impressive stats and virtually assuring themselves a spot in the Football Hall of Fame.

The Als' problem over those same years, however, is finishing big, i.e. winning the Big One. For some unexplained reason, they have come out flat and certain teams, especially Edmonton, seemed to have their number. BC has run hot and cold this season, albeit due to injuries to their pivot. How many QBs did they have - 5 or so?

The key to victory for Als, at least in my opinion, is to get Cobourne happy. If the Als establish a substantial running game, this will necessarily have a ripple effect in the secondary. As MLBs/DBs have to step up to contain the running game, the secondary opens up. We all know how AC can shred the secondary if he has time to make his reads with that magnificent receiving core of his. On D, the game plan is simple - contain Printers and don't let him get happy feet. A running-for-his life Printers will not be effective.

Is it possible for BC to knock off the 15-3 Als? Yes. But this is playoff football. The team that steps onto the field more focused, intense, and well prepared on November 22 takes it. Individual stats mean nothing now. Go Als go!!!

To be honest, I was nervous last year when the Als had Stamps as their GC opponents. Why? Because despite Als' good record going to the game, Stamps swept the season series against Als, both home and away. And it happened that Stamps beat Als for the third time in the season, unanswered.

Now I am not as nervous as last year. However, the Lions is the only team that has not been blown up by the Als this season. In fact, on the last game, should AC long pass to Watkins was incomplete, Als would have almost surely lost. Therefore, despite Als' and Lions' records, IMO Lions is going to be a big hurdle although not an insurmountable one.

And if the refs hadn’t blown that call in BC…

Our boys are not dropping this game period.

There was no guarantee that the Als would have won that game, though. There was still one minute in play and it would have been Lions' ball...

True…no guarantees. Just trying to point out that anyone can look at any game and point out numerous IFs. For example, let’s look at that same game between the two Eastern finalists in Montreal. What IF Cavillo doesn’t fumble on the opening drive in the second half…instead just swallows up the ball and bites the turf. What IF, later on, Taylor doesn’t fumble a kick , again giving BC the ball on Montreal’s doorstep?

But if Taylor hadent fumbled a punt....

And yet the lions had 1 minute left in the rematch and did squat

Good analysis, I might argue with you on Coaching but pretty tough with Tressmans record of 15-3.

On paper you guys should wup our butts. I guess preparation and not allowing distractions may be a part. I've been trying to start a rumour that Murray Clarkes crew is Officiating your game on Sunday. Any truth to the story they were seen in the Sears store in downtown Montreal buying stop watches? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

With the Lions in a rebuilding year, if we can can keepthe score close until the 3rd quarter, that will be a victory in itself. Anything more is a bonus.

Regardless of the outcome, I will be cheering for Calvillo and Cahoon in Calgary so they can get one more Grey Cup before retirement.


Absolutely untrue.

There is no Sears in downtown Montreal...