What if.....

I know this might sound crazy but hear me out. We know Ac is getting older and may only have a few years left in him. Now, if we are able to keep the core of this team together, why not bring in Casey Printers. Yes yes yes he is way overpayed, but does a buyout or Hamilton paying a chunk of his salary exist in the CFL rules? Sure he couldn't get nothing done in Hamilton, but imagine if he had the Chiu's Flory's and Lambert's to block for him. Or having a Cahoon Richardson or Watkins to throw to. Imagine if he can play like he played BC for us? A qb with such a strong arm and able to run when there is nobody open? I know my idea is far fetched but I think a AC/CP duo can workout.

The problem is that he causes to many problems in the Dressing rooms....The QB needs to be a leader and I dont believe CP is one

Agreed...we don't need that!

Hmmm...the story sounds familiar. A qb stinks the joint out in Hamilton and gets run out of town. Goes to the Als and eventually flourishes with some mentorship from a veteran QB. Can history repeat?

No one is going to trade for Printers unless Hamilton picks up huge chunk of that ridiculous salary they gave him. They will have to cut him outright is my guess. That huge signing bonus they gave him last year is water down the drain at this point. I think Printers still has the physical tools if he can stay healthy, but he needs a head adjustment and more mentoring. If he is expecting the big cash and automatic starting job next year though, I think no one picks him up.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to casey printers!
Lets bring in Conell or whatever his name is.