What if we went to an eight team playoff?

I’m just putting this out there. I have been a long time CFL supporter, and realized that we need different ideas to increase CFL viewership. Even though the Saturday playoff schedule didn’t work out well it looks like they (the league) are open to trying new ideas. What would happen with the possibility of removing the East/West playoff structure with instead a top eight playoff structure? I realize that there are currently only eight CFL teams so we may wish to drop it to six. This would keep the bye week in for the top two teams, but I believe the eight team structure would be financially beneficial. The eight team structure is fairly simple:
• The top four teams have home playoff games against the bottom four with number one team playing team eight, two playing seven, etc.
• The next set of home playoffs would be dependant on the regular session points again (so regular session games are important to the teams). For example if by chance team eight beat team one and team two beat team seven then team two would have the next home playoff game against team eight since they had the next highest regular session points to the lowest regular session pointed team (in this case team eight).
• The Grey Cup would of course follow the same rules of selected City hosting it.
The benefits to this are many, to name a few:

  1. Increase revenue, due to an increase in the number of games played during the playoffs as a whole plus home games.
  2. Viewership is still higher with all teams playing since all fans are involved.
  3. The larger chance for a Cinderella team since there is the possibility of the host Grey Cup City having their team in the Grey Cup.
  4. Does not extend the playoff schedule by keeping it to a two weeks with the third being the Grey Cup game.
  5. No need for the crossover which was trying to equalize differences between East and West.
  6.         Finally the 1st place teams don’t lose any momentum with a bye week, though it can be handy if there is a few injuries.

There may be some stating that there may not be team incentive if all teams (for now) get in, or the perception that you can make it in with a losing record. I believe as I explained above the home playoff schedule is a strong enough incentive, plus they are professionals. Unfortunately we are a league of eight teams and in that scenario you can’t make comparisons to how larger franchises NHL, NFL or MLB does theirs. What needs to be thought of is how to increase viewership which will then hopefully bring in the starting of other teams? Wouldn’t it be interesting if Halifax could put a team together? Not sure about Ottawa, they've tried a couple of times and maybe this would help?
The only thing I’m not sure of, is if some fan support would drop off during the regular session since they know that their team would automatically make the playoffs?
Like I said in the beginning just an idea and putting it out there.

if it was all 8 teams in the playoffs, what would be the point of having a regular season? because no one would have to play up to their potential all season long.. you wouldn't know who really is the best and who isn't!

the whole point of a regular season with 6 teams making the playoffs is to determine who gets a home game, who makes the playoffs and who gets to host the west final.

you give everyone a playoff game, then there's no point in playing to win!

NO way man. Could you imagine and 2-16 team fluking out and winning a playoff game only turn around and stink again the next game. Nope gotta earn your way in.

No, no, no. Not even if we had 10 teams. Six teams in the playoffs is how it should stay, unless the league grows to 20 teams - which is not going to happen. I would like to see a lower proportion of teams in the playoffs, and six is the perfect number. Hence a 10-team league with 6 making the playoffs would actually be ideal.

Can't happen as others say here. You know I've heard baseball is considering having more playoff teams but I don't think that works in a league where they play some 160 games in the regular season.