What if we lose Sunday??????

What does everyone think??

There is no questioning or noticing anything aloud around here, so the only answer is; do nothing! Everything is fine! ?

You can say anything you want aloud. I suggest that submitting written responses would be more effective, however, due to the nature of the medium.

" What if we lose Sunday?"

Let’s all feign shock.

Let’s just wait to see what Toronto and Montreal do…cuz ya know…we only have to finish second.

How wrong you are ExPat. Writing on line is aloud. Any public doubting or negative thoughts expressed here is expressly forbidden. Sensitive ears are listening!

Fire Jones. Full stop.
New HC, Steinauer, will bring in own people . Maybe retain a few .

What do you mean “if we lose”?

Oh. I thought I would give you some hope. ;D ;D

Of course we win! How could we not? We got this! Go Cats!!!?

Other. Determine why we always have so many injuries to players and fix that.

Get rid of June Jones and Granpa Glanville… players have tuned them out. And bring back the cheerleaders!

According to TSN we were 6th in injuries. Not even close to the worst in the league.

Possibly true. But it seemed most came at one position. Again. (Two years ago, it was at DB where we lost our top seven players at one point.) And the rest all seemed to be key starters.

On the other hand, we didn’t lose our starting QB, which (I think) affected every other team except Edmonton.

2 years ago we also lost a ton of receivers, yet Austin and Collaros were held responsible for the playoff loss to Edmonton.

So a good question to ask is … What if we lose Sunday?

Even if theres plenty of Jones-esque stuff or the secondary gets trucked and Lulay has a comfortable day …

pretty sure #realfans will say " …but all the injures" in the first sentence .

Did you know Jones donated last season’s salary to charity?

What a swell guy.

Some “i have some time and there’s a commercial” math

Calgary has 5 import receivers out
average yards per game this season 63.5
they missed 41 games (out of a possible 90)
that’s about 1905 yards they’ve missed out on based on these five if their averages carry (all have played at least 7 and as many as 12 games)

Hamilton’s downed receivers…

Avgeraged 65.88 yards per game
missed 47 games out of a possible 90
that’s about 2635 yards we’ve missed out based on these five averages (which, admittedly, get swayed hugely by Bank’s numbers) or about 2588 yards if you just use each players per game average and how many games they were missing.

Obviously, not every player would be cracking the lineup, Tolliver probably doesn’t see much time because of Tasker Shamawd Chamber’s average doesn’t match the output we’ve had from Mike Jones, and with Saunders, Banks, Williams, Tasker and Chambers/Jones in the lineup with Tolliver and Felix on the bench, we’re probably not bringing Sinkfield back either, which means he might end up on BC, or one of the other potential playoff matchups.

My somewhat muddled point is, we can say we weren’t bit super hard by the injury bug, but the players that have been injured took a lot more out of our lineup than most others. And that’s before factoring in the loss of Breaux for several games, and the loss of Tasker for 3 games, and at an average of 75 yards per game.

So yes, OH BOO HOO US! I will sit here feeling sorry for ourselves.

Of course, I was saying “oh boo hoo for us” over injuries the past two years too…

especially in 2016 when i’m pretty sure i counted more players in warm up suits than in uniform

Do nothing? Are you serious? Who are the winners that chose that? Unbelievable. This game is for June Jone’s job. That’s what the players are playing for above anything else.