What if we don't win the grey cup in 2023?

Okay I have a question for you all.
What if we don't win the grey cup in 2023?

If you owned the Ticats what would you do?

The first thing I would do is fire the front office do a complete clean out
I would hire Danny McManus as my general manager
And then let him hire his coach.

I would try to develop my Canadian talent for the draft
Well scouting us colleges for people to add to our neg list
I go on a youth Movment clear out all players over 28.
Now it's your turn what would you do?

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Won't be a problem
The Ticats are going to win the 2023 Grey Cup! (insert Greycup trophy emoji here)


So you have 5 year plan before you hit a winning season!

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I'd give it to 2026 before I started raising holy heck. Hamilton was very close in 21. Got to the playoffs after a shaky start in 22.

If I hire people to build a team then they can deal with it.

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If we have a bad season or miss the playoffs it would be seriously time to consider a new GM for sure. If the season is garbage ( 9-9 or worse) Coach O' s job would most likely be in jeopardy. If we have a 4-14 type of season I would clean house for sure.



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well it could very well happen...I know it certainly will not be the Riders.So there is one team you don't gotta worry about

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In my opinion, after over 20 years of (mostly) futility, and the fact that Mr. Young is now in a partnership with Bedrock Industries (Mr. Kestenbaum) and Woodbine Entertainment Group ( Jim Lawson), Young sells a majority stake in the team and quietly fades into the background...

One thing about the CFL is it can be so unpredictable. As crappy as both of our teams look at this moment, lots can change from now until training camp opens and fortunes rise and fall during the season for many teams. In 2017 the Argos were late to the table hiring the coach and GM. Even then I thought they were crazy to recycle Trestman and Popp who I thought had seen far better days in Montreal. I think they had just hired them before free agency and expected that team to be a complete cluster#^. Somehow they managed to squeeze out a GC win. At this point I think we have to reserve some judgment on all the teams, at least until the dust settles after free agency.


When has 'cleaning house's ever worked?
You don't clean house; you tweak it.

If the offensive philosophy included a strong running game, we wouldn't even be talking about this.
Is that going to change? I doubt it .

I leave you to fill in the blanks.


It is far easier to build a winner when you do not stay from blowing it all up.
Again, this is easier on paper and the CFL has the issue of way too many players sign for only one season or just two... Hard to keep continuity when over 50 percent of your veterans you are trying to build around are always moving on.
The very worse thing any team can do is to be shackled with what a majority of the fans want. It ain't very often the fans really know their stuff. They do know however passion for the game and that tends to fill the stadium but extremely seldom does it lead to good deductions on how to properly run a team long term


Get a top QB, keep the middle of the OLine together, and get a LT.

Then tinker away year to year. if you dont like the guys on defense change them.
If you don't like your receivers get new ones.

Rebuild in the CFL is quick.

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Forgive me in advance for the long post to follow:

I don’t think the team has to win the Cup to save the current football ops team, but they definitely need to show some improvement back to a winning record and seriously challenge for the east title at least. Over two seasons the Cats have fallen to a third place finish and only took 1/6 games against their two main rivals in 2022. I’m in agreement with Giasone above, a .500 or less finish probably means the end of Orlondo and possibly Hervey as well. Especially if Bo comes on board and the team doesn’t improve.

Right now the starting oline is fairly solid, what they need is good Canadian depth and that is usually only built through a couple of drafts. Right now we have Guay from Laval who might develop, and Okafor who has been here 5 seasons and hasn’t shown he’ll ever crack the starting lineup. Might be more tempted to try him as depth in the defensive line where we may need a backup to Diallo, assuming Laurent isn’t back. Fontana offers up some depth at centre. I don’t think he was in playing shape last year and the rust showed. Hopefully he can up his game this this year and give us a starting option for 2024 if Beard doesn’t come back then.

Receiver - I don’t think they’ll break the bank for both Dunbar and White. Expect one or the other to return. White likely to command something like $180-$200k if guys like Lewis, Duke Williams, Lawler are in the $250k range. They’ll probably try signing another Canadian free agent for this year to replace Durant. I think they’ll give more time to guys like Anthony Johnson and Godwin and maybe one of the new young guys coming to camp. Outside shot that they try going after a big name like Duke to pair him with Bo.

Running back - I see Wes Hills and STE coming back with some rookie American scatback in to compete. They’ll likely let Don Jackson go.

Dline needs a new face - Johnson and Laurent in their mid 30s and Wynn will probably be starting the season on the IR. If they can grab a guy like Sayles from Wpg or Anthony Lanier from the Riders in free agency it would help. One of Howsare or Carney are likely coming back but if they’re serious about making a run, they need to bring in a proven guy to help the pass rush from the other end spot. Orimolade from Calgary maybe?

Linebacker - Kam Kelly is a must signing in my eyes. If JSK asking price is high I’d be ok replacing him with Kyle Wilson. Think Vosean Joseph can step up at WIL if Simoni doesn’t come back.

Secondary - I’d like to see them bring back Ciante Evans. Rolle can still play but I wouldn’t mind seeing some new faces back there with some youth, speed and physicality. They might look at replacing Leonard as well. For the money put into the secondary the last couple years the results haven’t been what they should. Part of that goes to the lack of dline pressure and defensive philosophy of protect against the long throws but leave the underneath stuff open.

Kicker - fingers crossed we haven’t heard of Seth Small getting any NFL tryouts. Hope he’s back. Punting wasn’t great last year but better than Whitford in 2021. Domagala is ok and Hayes showed some promise in the last game.


we are going to win the GC.

but when we don't we'll continue to be the best supported shitty team.


I agree .

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Schweinhund's reply is long but thoughtful .


....but long.

Pat Lynch the wise one.


Only for us who actually Read it all


I am almost 65 but when I finally grow up I want to be like Pat L


Thank you for the kind words .