What if we could re-write football history

I'd like to know your opinion that if Art Modell had never moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore, do you think the Stallions would still be in existence today, and if they were, do you think the Alouettes would have come along in a different manner (i.e. expansion).

The Riders would have a 40 year Cup winning streak going! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Clearly you have never spoken to an Edmonton sports fan they are great at changing history. The history learend from the respective sports league pages is that the Toronto Argonauts have won the most Grey Cups and The Montreal canadiens have won the most Stanley cups.

This is in actuality wrong. Both those cups existed for a long time but were never awarded to anyone until Edmonton got their respective sports franchises in those leagues. And in the case of the stanley cup they stopped awarding it after 1990. The NHL was going to start awarding the Stanely cup again to the winner of the playoffs 2 years ago but at the last minute decided against it.

Not exactly sure what you mean here but its not like the Als didn’t exist before Balt moved here.

What he means is would CFL football be in Montreal today had Baltimore not moved there.

Interesting question.

Sorry to all the expansion haters out there. Did not mean to annoy. just got bored and looked at previous forum pages and resurrected an old one. Beware there may be more resurrections to come.

I think CFL expansion into America was doomed no matter what. Not that it couldn't succeed if it tried again, but with this new Mark Cuban Football league, the American cities that can support football are going to be snatched quite quickly.

CFL will never succeed in the US. Not enough fans and definitely not enough interest.

yes the stallions would still be in baltimore and thrieving they led the league in attendance when they were in the league i wish they still were in the league i really wanted to go there and watch my eskimos play the stallions if you ask me i would like to see a pre season game back there they still have quite a following and one of the teams should be montreal they could have a grey cup ring ceremony which they probably didn’t get in 1995 i would go down there to watch it as well. i would also have liked to see if the ravens and stallions could have co-exsited i think they could because they would’ve only needed about 25 to 30 thousand people to break even in the cfl and if the ravens were having a crappy year and the stallions were doing well i bet alot of fans would’ve jumped ship. plus it’s more affordable.

what no comeback i thought everyone hated the american expansion. I liked it.

Sounds like someone is just a bit jealous. You really had to dig deep for this anti-Edmonton whine.

What the #### are you talking about?

The Stanley Cup ?? are you on crack?

the Canadiens have won 24 cups since the Cup was around.. they're #1, there's nothing to dispute this.

The Argos have won the Grey Cup 18 times..

where are you going??? WRONG WAY!!!

Clearly, you have never heard of sarcasm.....

Sarcasm usually involves some wit and insight and pertains to the subject, not just a dumb comment that has nothing to do with what anyone is talking about. I think this is more like a feeble attempt at humour.

Based on how a couple representatives of the Eskimo fanbase were commenting prior to that comment being posted, I found it to be far from feeble.....

Just read through the quotes again and I have to say...what the heck are you talking about?

No one said it was in this thread, cfleskfan…let’s just say that, based on past comments a select few have made, that comment is just desserts for them.

…and the comment is sarcastic in that it did, based on previous comments, intend to ridicule those posters to whom it was directed.

Ok, I guess I was just confused by the sarcasm, or is it the irony. Maybe it's a palindrome, no "bob" is a palindrome. I'ld suggest onomatapeia but I can't spell it.

Still can't figure out how a discussion about Baltimore morphed into who has won the most Grey Cups. The correct answer of course is Toronto.

Edmonton has though won the most CFL Championships.

Isn't that Ironic. Or am I just being sacastic?

Hell, I'd settle for the refs calling Campana in bounds in '72 and Ray Odums knocking the ball down in 1976...

What is "ironic" is that after lambasting the post about how 'Smoe fans don't count championships before the 'Smoes even existed, you proceed to mention this:

Edmonton has though won the most CFL Championships

...CFL expansion to the US would never work as the american population has no interest for the sport of Football....the sport wouldn't work in their culture, or at the very most would become some sort of oddball event carried by ESPN-Espanol 3....you might as well try to market a bunch of cars going real fast around a left turn only racetrack....haha, good luck with that!....