What if the Tiger-Cats left Hamilton?

I hope I don't get pooped on for starting this thread but I'd like to know.

What would you have done if the Tiger-Cats would have folded up shop?

I honestly don't know what I would have done. I imagine that I'd still be a CFL fan, however, I wouldn't be nearly as passionate about it.


Hate to say it But I'd Just Be Watching the CFL & NFL on TV.

Wow, what a horribly negative thread.

I don't know what I'd do. I have other sports teams that I love, but the Ticats are the one that I go out of my way to keep up on and follow on a daily basis.

Let's hope and pray this never happens.

I recall the Braley bailout and the Community group Ownership, Who improoved the stadium, and got the G.C. :thup: :thup: , The CFL: will never die,and the Ticats are Hamiltons team. But there could be a rival down the 403/401.

Not intended to be negative. Just wondering. We can't hide the fact that the 'Cats almost left town.

The only other team I follow with even close to the amount of attention is the Windsor Spitfires. I also love the Blue Jays and would be devastated if they left... but when you play 5,034,345 games a season it's hard to "follow" them that closely.

cant imagine a cfl without hamilton.

As a vancouver kid, I started off as a rider fan. I suppose as long as CFL exists, I would follow it, regardless of if my home town had no team.

Although none of you would admit it now, I bet a few of you would become argo fans, or at least trek on up the road to take in some games.

I'd become a Saskatchewan Roughrider fan .

Doust thou not mean you'd become a RiderCat fan :>)))

It is still funny as hell being in Puerto Plata and being thanked by some Rider fans for the airlift of talent

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If they became the Burlington TiCats it would be the answer to Onknight prayers he would no longer need a ride into Hamilton.


Frankly, if the CFL lost Hamilton as a franchise, the league as we know it would cease to exist. It would be indicative of a market decline in Southern Ontario that likely also affect the Blue Team up the road. If a city with the football tradition of Steeltown were to lose its team, it would be damning for Canadian football, IMO.

We were very close to such a scenario in 2003.

Oski Wee Wee,

The CFL would have ceased to exist in my mind at the time.

I also just realized that in a roundabout way I met my boyfriend because of the ticats so I might never have met him. That would NOT be good. Bite your tongue, Rusty. :wink:

i honestly think i would shed a couple tears if the Tiger-Cats left hamilton

Not to bring up old threads from 3 months ago, but that’s what I don’t get about people who are giving up their season tickets (which were frozen for 3 years prior) because of the price increase. If we want the Ticats to remain here, we need to shell out the extra little bit to support them.

Remember, a bad team is better than no team at all.


No how no way.

Never would cheer for the blue team. Would convert to boring 4 down football first.

And the Skydome/Rogers Centre is the single worst place I have ever watched a football game.

Let me guess.............leaf fan?

The day the cats left would be the day I start fighting hard to bring the cats back.

I also love the Blue Jays
To me they have always just been baseball playing argonauts, raptors are basketball playing argos and leafs are hockey playing argos. I cant cheer for a toronto team, they are named after street drugs anyways.......buds,rock,jays..

Unbelievably stupid thread.