What if the Ticats had stuck with Casey Printers?

Perry Lefko article in sportsnet................Hamilton Tiger Cats fans can only wonder.

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2009/10/26/lefko_week17_observations/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... ervations/[/url]

would we be ahead? would we be 16-2?

No thanks ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

What if What if What if its a game of performance .... He was not performing

What if he did perform ? We wouldnt be haven this conversation .

Perry needs to find something else to waste time writing about .Im guessing they needed something to fill a sheet or time slot for a show or the web site....lol

Perry Lefko

Perry Lefko keeps you connected to storys that are years Old ...

I'd take Glenn, Porter and Tafralis over Printers

What if Casey showed up to training camp last year in shape? Would Taafe still be our coach right now?

The answer to the question posed in the thread title is. . .

"We'll never know."

All else is pure speculation.

Casey did absolutely nothing with the Ticats. He was always injured.

He had a good game with the Lions last week, but he still blew the game. Shouldn`t have made that throw in the endzone.

The Lions can have him. I`m happy with Glenn, Porter, Trafalis :smiley:

We know that the team’s struggles last year were Printers’ fault for two reasons:

  1. He’s the only QB to play here in the past 5 years who was not successful given the systems and personnel at his disposal

  2. In Hamilton, it’s always the QB’s fault when you lose - there can be no other explanation

To your point #2. . . yes there can be another explanation !! Blame the referees, especially Jake Ireland !!!!

That's almost as common an excuse as blaming the QBs. . . . almost.

Nobody said it was all Printers fault. Just saying he wasnt good in Hamilton. Forcing throws that shouldnt made. Trying to be the hero always. Rubbed a lot of his teammates the wrong way. He was almost as injury prone as Lumsden in Hamilton.

What if we never gave MTL A.C!????....Who cares? That was then this is now! If he ends up being a WICKED QB for many years to come, good for him. I think if he dose good again, once again his head will get big, and people wont wana play for him!

Yes, just didn't seem to be the right fit for the TiCats, and this can be analyzed ad nauseum. That being said, in an 8 team league with a great owner like we do and we don't get to a Grey Cup under this owners leadership for say 12-15 years or more under his leadership, there is a problem somewhere.

I'd take KG and QP over Printers anyday.
Printers in Hamilton =
500k contract
constant injuries
terrible performance
massive ego, me first attitude

I agree with people by saying they would take KG over Printers, but has anyone considered Tafralis as our future QB. I'm still not jumping on the QP ship just yet. It makes you wonder - Tafralis is a year younger and looks to have a stonger arm. Is it possible that we are grooming to wrong QB? QP has had his shots at Boston College, the NFL, and NFL Europe with mixed results.

I'm not starting a "Start Tafralis" thread, but I do think it is a thought worth pondering?? Maybe not.

He didn't start any games in American college ball where the pressure is so much more than CIS, so why would any team start him despite how good he could be? Sarcasm here it should be noted.

With the O-line we had back then? He might very well be dead...

Hmmmm… I hope you’re not a football coach. He blew the game? Based upon what? An interception on a play that was the right read and the right place to throw the ball because it SHOULD have gotten a PI call and put them 1st and goal? He did everything right. At the very least the WR on that play didn’t fight hard enough for the ball. Printers played a great game and made a number of fantastic plays; the kind of which he could have/did make for the Cats but his line couldn’t block and his receivers couldn’t catch. It’s no wonder he was always injured.

What if??????

Why torture yourself with this kind of thinking.
What if Maas had turned out OK? What if Charlie has been the right HC? What if Greg Marshall (the first) had panned out? What if Bob Young had not bought the team?
Where does all this end? :thdn:

I hope your not a football coach!. On that 1rst and goal. He was scrambling around and threw that ball into double coverage. You think P.I?? Looked to me like that receiver was covered. He should have thrown it away instead of forcing it in there.

He did that kind of stuff in Hamilton. Running around trying to force plays, thus the interceptions.

Printers has ONE decent game in BC and Lefko thinks Printers is Tom Clements!

Lefko, it was ONE GAME! (And Printers lost it for them with a dumb throw in OT).

Over the long haul, once teams have current tape on him, Printers will show that his skills have diminished.