What if the Riders were 0-4...

Would joeseph's reception be so warm?

Blin picture pitch forks and burning torches standing out side of a castle chanting kill Joseph! I think you would see rider nation split on this issue truthfully. But as you have seen with Hank this could be another case of the riders were jilted lovers. LOL We will see today I guess.

That is a good question Blin, I think 05 is right with people being split. I for one will give KJ a standing ovation but that is just me. I'm also the only Rider fan that I know of that still like Hank too...

I didnt like the Joseph trade. But Tillman is proving me wrong. Without Joseph and Hunt and Perry and Holmes the Riders are 4-0. Young but good.

If the Riders were 0-4 the heat would be on ET. Not on Joseph. I will cheer when Joseph comes on the field today. He was a great Rider.

I don't think there was too many people happy with the Joseph trade but i think most people understood it and accepted it.

The Burris one however was Smilin' Tank saying oh I want to play for the Riders and I love being there and then leaving to Calgary for a little extra cash.

There would definately be a lot of people looking for Tillmans head on a pike if we were 0 - 4.

yep. Some people will boo KJ. But a grweat many will cheer him when he takes the field, then treat him as any other opposition player.
But the circumstances of Hank's dreparture and KJ's are night and day. With Hank, it was all about Hank--"hi, I've done nothing for your team why don't you pay me big dollars as a reward" compared to KJ, who won an MOP, won a Grey Cup, took a massive paycut, was a fantastic member of the community and a proven leader. I think most fans see that difference. Unfortunately, the minority of boobirds can make themselves known more easily.
I'll be standing and cheering when KJ is introduced/takes the field. And I'll continue to boo cry baby Hank when ever he plays. It really is a question of accomplishment and of character.

You said it accomplishment and character. What has Hank really accomplished in this league, he has definately put up some nice numbers but no Grey Cup, not even a playoff win(that I can remember). And character if the way he left Sask doesn't tell you enough about his character how about the fact that when they were losing last year he blamed Nik Lewis along with other for the lose.

I will never boo KJ and I will always boo Burris. :twisted:

blin and 05, why would you talk about something you know nothing of. Joseph didn't ask to leave. Tillman moved him. If the Riders were 0-4 and it was due to lousy quarterbacking, as others have mentioned there may be pitchforks, but they would be aimed at Tillman.

It will not surprise me if Joseph gets a standing ovation. A classy move would be to introduce him at the start of the game to let the fans cheer loudly for him. And then once the game starts he is the enemy and can be massively booed.

I see no reason to boo KJ. He didnt leave the team he was traded

Its the similiar kind of fans who booed Lancaster in his final game at TF, same mentality. Lancaster did his best to help the Riders win, its too bad his supporting cast was terrrible. IMO, the biggest black mark on the Rider fans is how they treated him in that last game.

His reception would be the same regardless of record. Some are going to boo, most are going to give some sort of ovation. Once the game starts that's all irrelevant though.

Wasn't the KJ trade due to not being able to keep him due to the cap? If so then as others have said it would be Tillman's fault not Joseph's.

It's lame to boo people who used to be one your team regardless. It's a sport to us but it's these guys job and everyone has to make a living.

Again think about it one more time. He did want to be there but Shivers did not believe he was worth it. The guys was a free agent to go anywhere he wanted to go. The offer came from Calgary at the price he wanted and moved to Calgary. I have yet to see Hank say antyhing bad about Rider Nation yet it is Rider nation that feels jilted by him. No one can tell me if you got an better offer to change locals and jobs you would not grab that chance. Many people from Saskatchewan have done the same and yet no pitch forks and burning torches. I believe today Joeseph will get a warm reception and so he should. I find only in Saskatchewan have I seen this happen where a player leaves and he is hated. Can not figure that one out but it should be over by now.

Ah Arius keep hugging that life size poster of Hank he loves you.

Funny I never saw him blame Nik Lewis he did have an issue with Rambo but hey that happens from time to time. Nik Lewis Rambo and Burris are great friends.

Not sure what your talking about but I think if the riders were ) -4 they would not only be directed at Tillman but at Joseph as well. But again like you say what do I know I only assume this because of what some rider fans have shown in the past.

Exactly but why would you boo a guy that was a free agent and choose another team. To me there is not much difference right.
You see players leave team every year those players do not get booed.

Great post Sambo and very true. It is not a black eye to rider nation but a black eye to those fans that do this type of behaviour.

Agreed but your buddy Jiminez that might be another story LOL. I am sure Jiminez feels bad for what had been done and thats hope he does not do it again.

Like I said before Mr. Jiminez is a fine young man and should be up for Humanitarian of The Year. I have no idea what you have against such an outstanding player and sportsman. :slight_smile: