I know this is now after the fact, but what do you suppose would have happened if during the several weeks when the league revoked the franchise and was looking for a new owner, the people of Ottawa rose up.
By having their own ticket drive, via the newspaper radio and TV. Doing what has been done succesfully in the past when Calgary and Saskatchewan almost lost their teams and did the old fashion telethone.
If I recall in the 80's and 90's quite a bit of money and season tickets were raised.
Now suppose let's throw out a number of 15,000 season tickets were sold instead of the abysmal 2600 current number.
Would the BOG have pulled the plug on the team and risk an even greater outcry.
Maybe the Gleiberguy would have changed his mind, not that the league would want him back, and decided to stick around.
What if.............

If they had sold 15,000 tickets in the first place, there'd still be a team in Ottawa. If Leaf fans could survive Pal Hal for 60 effing years, then Ottawa could have stomached Goobermen. What sucks for Ottawa fans now, is that if they do regain the franchise for next season, they've lost their star players and would have to rebuild from scratch.

i hate that there blaming the league,its actually the owners fault and the fans fault.take note learn from us bomber fans we had tp live through 3 useless seasons. also i dont care who owns the team i just wanna see football!

Yes there would have been a team.

What if Melnyk would have stepped up?

What if the Ottawa city council had lowered rent and gave concession profits to the owner? Would a owner have stepped up?

What if supersmith won the lottery, would he have bought the Gades and saved the franchise?

Basically what if's don't matter. All that matters is what happened in the past and what we can learn from the past so we can help improve our future.

Ottawa city council should have compromised. A franchise would enhance the city and if the price to be paid is getting a little less money then so be it. And as for those who complain about not wanting their tax money or city facilities to go towards a private sports franchise, too damn bad. There are many projects my tax dollars fund that I don’t like, but understand the benefits.

raise money now for the Ottawa community to buy the remaining team at the end of the 2006 season, that is what KK says. Hopfully it will not just buy you another season like the Jets did.

HECK, WHY JUST 15,000? GO FOR 20,000!!!!!!

Too late for this year but next year, it would be great to see this happen in Ottawa.

You're comparing 3 useless seasons to 30?

Maybe Ottaw city council, after a year of seeing no revenue from the CFL coming into the stadium, will realize that giving a good deal to a new CFL team would be better then nothing???

If there had been more time, I am sure 15 000 fans would have been enough to convince an owner, like Melnyk, that they could take a chance on this team. The fanbase along with a good stadium deal would do a lot to solidify their future.

Hopefully they will get a chance to get a good deal done in the future, with a good owner that has some money, and a good stadium deal. Then fans in Ottawa can feel like the team is buidling towards something.