What If : Ricky As A Ticat.

Suppose it was the Cats that bought the services of Ricky Williams. Would it change your point of view?


I'd be like "gee whiz we have too many running backs" and then we'd trade for Charles Roberts.

My thoughts exactly :thup:

nope.. wouldn't change my opinion either.

No....I'm with the rest of you.
You don't right a wrong by changing sweaters.

Unless you’re wearing checked pants and it’s a striped sweater. :smiley:

I'm in the 'let him play if you want' camp, as i really dont care...

if it was the ticats i'd be a little surprised.... but other than that, no real indignation.

i dont think its a smart idea to sign ricky as its been seen time and time again that he doesn't like "rules".... nor does he like following them, (regardless if its about weed or whatever)

theres my take.


Why do so many posters demonize this man?

Can they not bring themselves to forgive the pot smoking he did in his youth?

If Ricky told them that he never inhaled would that help?

Politicians get forgiven by saying that.

It would be nice if posters here would show
the milk of human kindness towards this man.

Most people who know him personally forgive him.



"the action or process of ceasing to feel resentment or anger
against another person for an offence or mistake,
or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution."

Does that mean that if a person is unforgiving that they carry around
a feeling of anger and resentment?

Mark, now you have done it again. Do you get some perverse satisfaction from inserting jokes into what had been, up to then, a profound discussion among deep thinkers. Posters like Hitchcock, caiteag,and myself had poured our hearts out to properly express our deepest convictions about this subject. And what happens? Mark comes along and, with no concern for the ramifications of his impertinence, destroys the serious mood of the whole thread.
Is there no subject we can broach that will safe from your feeble attempts at humour?

Over and out....

wouldnt want him. people will get to attachted to realize hes going to the nfl next year.

With only the slightest evident sarcasm I wish to convey both my humble apologies to all and to convey this message to my esteeemed friend Wilf- "Nope."

P.S. I offer my own feeble attempts at humour as evidence of my own heart's passion to bring joy and levity....
whenever I stop posting for the night.

P.P.S. I'm of two minds about the Ricky signing. On one hand he's a great running back, but on the other hand I never liked the congas or 'Baba Loo.'

which brings up another good point, is it worth it for one year to essentially rent a player who will be GONE next year, and lose out on the development of another player, and knowingly disrupt team chemistry twice for ONE year?

same question applies to the NHL trade deadline i suppose.... (soon to be FA's getting traded etc etc)

is it worth it to disrupt your team that much twice.... and be left with nothing the next year....?

good point

agreed. they should have just spent the money on signing a Fa qb's from the nfl, something they need if damon falls.

Absolutely. If we could have brought him in, then what would that have meant for Josh Ranek and/or Corey Holmes? If we had to lose one or both of them to bring him in, then I'm not so sure if this one-year rental would be a good idea. Would you like to have Williams for one year or Ranek and/or Holmes for at least a few years? I suppose it might be possible to keep them all. But that could have some detrimental effects on the team both on and off the field.

And was that first poll option a reference to This Is Spinal Tap? :slight_smile:

I don't get it....are you calling him a ref?

hamilton is too blue collar and obring for ricky. Toronto is a very cosmopolitan city, and ricky will find plenty of yoga studios to practice at and he willl be able to keep to himself in toronoto, in hamilton the sports scene is garbage, and its not a place where african-americans would like the night life, because hess village is the only entertainment in hamilton, and the majority of folks there are white.

Gee i think i've been saying this for the better part of the week.... i dont really care if he plays, but really if one were to make an argument why he shouldn't THIS is it.

It was just a fashion statement. if you don't remember the checked pants and striped sweater era of the seventies then you're one lucky man.

Being a Stamps season ticket holder, I already have a soft spot for Calgary (it is my home). If it was the Tabbies that had signed Ricky, that would have been enough to push me all the way over to the Red and White.