What IF Michael Vick came to the CFL?

I know the league has a new understanding whereby they won't sign any player suspended by another league, but what IF Michael Vick came up to the CFL? How big of an impact would he have on the field/at the gate?

Not a hope... Huge impact, but it would never happen

The guy would probably be deadly on the bigger field, but if he is guilty of what he is convicted of I don't want to see his face in professional sports.

Geez, I didn't really follow the kind of press that Ricky Williams got, but I can only imagine what Vick would get...

I would immediately dissassociate myself from the CFL and not renew my seasons tickets with the TiCats if the any team employs this individual while under suspension from the NFL for this dog fighting thing. And I don't care if it mean't every game in would have played in would have sold-out stadiums. :x

Same goes for every other player, the CFL should honour NFL suspensions and vica versa under written agreements.

Watch your Dog!

If he's convicted, it seems pretty unlikely he'd be allowed into Canada.

Yup, watch your dog, then maybe your cat and who knows after that, your sister, mother etc?

new league rules would prohibit him from coming....

I was thinking the same thing..... Lock up your dog!

Hopefully the CFL follows its own rule about not allowing suspended NFL players here.

wow - some of you are real dreamers. Ricky Williams came to the CFL because he owed the Miami Dolphins 13 million bucks, and has no real method of paying that money back, outside of playing football. Michael Vick has a guaranteed $130,000,000 contract ontop of his $37,000,000 signing bonus .. and i heard he's a pretty decent gambler.



The way things look now, Vick might be QBing for some state's penal league team.

News Release:

NFL Expands to Alcatraz!

The NFL will be building a new Stadium in Alcatraz. The team will be filled with convicted players from Dallas, Cincinatti, Chicago, Miami, and probably a few more.

Geez Tank Landry, Michael Vick, this expansion team might win the Super Bowl!

Michael's tailor made for the CFL, but his arrogance will not allow him to play in an "inferior" league.

The new Roster consists of:

Ricky Williams- RB
Micheal Vick- QB
Koren Robinson- WR
Chris Henry- WR
Adam "Pacman" Jones- DB
Terry "Tank" Johnson- DT

and many other soon to be named former NFL players turned convict

hmmm - CFL's newest team, the Meritime Mofia.

with special guest coach, OJ Simpson.

Coming soon to a stadium near you

Lock up your cheerleaders and dont eat the hotdogs.

What did Koren Robinson do?

K, Ricky owed $7,000,000 to the Dolphins. Mike Vick is not guarunted the whole $130,000,000 of his contract. Only his signing bonus is guarunteed. But if he is convicted, he wont get anymore of that, the man hasnt realized the amount of money he wil potentially lose...

He, his car and Alcohol all seem to be attracted together...

and half the Bengals team.... :wink: