what if Masoli had started...Discuss?

Yes it pains me...oh oh, but we in Southern Ontario need both teams to be good and competitive every year.

The warmth just flows from you. Nice that you’re willing to do the dirty work, and dislodge this waste that has built up within our organization. No doubt the end result will be a relief, even if it is a little painful during the transition.

ExPat Great fluid response.

This is the voice of reason.

also...If Jones is the greatest offensive coach in the history of football and quarterback whisperer as he was billed when he came here... why did he choose Masoli over Collaros? Masoli is also earning playing bonuses over and above his salary now so it's costing the team even more to sit Collaros. He's also a free agent and they still chose to play him still.

(also note, Our much improved O-line - I'm pretty sure the pocket collapsed every play last night. Special Teams...Speedy isn't returning kicks every game for touchdowns anymore - actually our kick punt return game is non existent, oh and ST gave up a TD)...The improved running game is Masoli too.) I'm sure Zach will get some PT now so we'll see.

killer: I can't help wondering if Zach still has some injury problems. Concussion? Leg still not healed?
It's puzzling that he has not played since June Jones arrived.
Masoli has done an OK job but leaving your high salaried star QB on the sidelines makes no sense to me unless there are reasons we don't know about.

Wait.... this guy wants to clean house but the "house" made the decisions that turned the season around... cleaning house means Jones goes too.. and a new regime likely doesn t keep Masoli as a starter. And you STILL want to clean house?

The TEAM (not JM) played arguably it's best football in the past 3 years the 2nd half of this season with the same front office and we're going to clean house?

You got everything you wanted... Austin off the sidelines... Collaros benched for Masoli and now you want everybody fired too?

Crash: No, Yes and Yes.
Jones should be kept on for a couple of years but the rest of 'em have reached their expiry date. They have done enough damage over the past two seasons.
And you want more of their bad judgement?

What I'm saying is Let a be realistic. A new President/VP / GM are not going to keep June Jones and his staff. They're going to do what made them successful in other places and its likely not going to be Masoli and 18 screen passes a game. The football operations are a team. You're either on board with them or you aren't.

A good debate would be should the collective group come back? But to pick and choose who should stay and go when you're calling for the President and VP to be fired isn't going to happen. Football teams work top down. If Mitchell stays then you move to Austin. If Austin stays then Tillman... as soon as one goes everybody underneath is likely to go too.

Calgary did Toronto and Ottawa a big favour Friday night. Hamilton wins that game and they would have just kept rolling and quite likely grabbed second place. Maybe even 1st.

But there sure are a number of questions going forward. Is Collaros done? He looks like he has lost his confidence. What's up with Masoli who is coming of age but is a free agent. Manziel will be expecting to play if he signs. But we all know there will be more growing pains and quite possible another ex-NFL failure.
June Jones and Masoli have something going there if allowed to continue.
Is Kent Austin content to be Head of Football Operations and GM? What role does Tillman play? Assistant GM and Head Scout? Added some good pieces in Washington and Mathews at the Tackle spots. Green at RB.
Looks like lots of questions to be answered to keep Hamilton in the news this off season.

Alot of complaining about this team but the second half of the season was far better than the first and we easily couldve run the table if not for 1 or 2 bad plays. Not bad for a HC that inherited an 0-8 and didnt have a Training camp to learn the players and coaches and install his knowledge. Or an off season to get the players needed to fit his scheme. People are whining about the OL but for the first time all year we have an effective run game and time to throw, sometimes a ridiculous amount of time to throw. Oh, Masoli didnt have 5 seconds in the pocket against calgary? Show me an OL that would hold up to Charleston Hughes and the 13 win stamps. Im waiting. The defense is vastly improved, under reinebold they couldnt stop my 2 year old niece from catching a pass and taking it for 6, now theyre holding some of the best offenses in check snd creating plenty of sacks and turnovers. The #1 offense in the CFL was held to 1 TD and it was an absolute miracle of a catch on a pure trash of a throw. So we traded Gable. Do we need a soon to be 30 yr old RB with a history of injuries when we have a solid young group lead by the bruising running style of Alex Green? We get future considerations and we can look forward to building for next year, Gable and Edmonton have a chance at a GC this year. Win win. Lots of positives with this team and starting the build now for next year might be the best thing to putting a GC contender on the field next year. I say keep the coaching staff as is (save maybe Stef Ptasek), trade Collaros for a high pick and a canadian starter, bring a couple DE's and LB's into camp, good to go.

Not getting a high pick and canadian starter for Collaros.

That will be determined at a later date. We have no idea if Collaros will be traded at all and what the team would get in return. Manziel could be all hype and they recently signed Evans who they are really high on. Interesting times for sure at the Tiger Cat front office.

Getting back to the title of the thread, my question would be "Is Massolli capable of winning a grey cup?"
I believe Collaros is.
Massolli is a 5 to 8 win type qb in a full season. He is a good game manager with 1 or 2 great games per year. Perhaps he could have won like the Redblacks victory last year. But I don't consider him a dominant qb.
Our team up grades in the off season were virtually non existent. Austin should have stepped down in 2016.
Let's hope we do better in 2018.

crash: good points. I just have the sense that this team is a mess...especially the past two seasons. After 0-8 this year it has been Band-Aid time. June Jones made the team competitive but now what? The Collaros situation is still a mystery. Will Masoli return? Will June Jones return? If he does, for how long? We have no system for developing management people.
Scott Mitchell (a nice guy who I chatted with briefly at #1 Jarvis) has been through 5 Head Coaches in the 10 years he has been President. So much for stability....he picked the wrong people. Giving Austin two or three jobs has been a huge mistake. He was stretched far too thin. As HC his "system" turned out to be highly predictable. And his refusal to properly develop a running game made no sense whatsoever. Then there was the loss of his sidekick Tommy Condell who made it clear there was bad blood between them. Bad management...Austin should have solved that problem. Also... Austin's media skills are zero. A GM needs to have very good media skills. Maybe Austin will turn out to be a good GM but so far all I have seen this year is an old boys club at work trying to salvage something. We have traded away or not kept too many good players eg Ellingson, Chick, Medlock and now Gable.They are all playing better football with their new teams than they did in Hamilton.
I think it's time for the Caretaker to sort things out and bring some stability, potential and continuity to this team....all things that have been missing for quite some time.

June Jones evaluated his qb talent. He felt masolli gave him the best chance to win and he was right.jones didn't have the albatross of giving Zach a huge contract hanging over his head he could simply make a football decision

Can we please put this idiocy to bed?

Ellingson couldn't stay healthy when he played here, and Tasker did. He turned out to be a very good player, but Luke was a more reliable option AT THAT TIME!!!

Chick was essentially a salary dump, he wasn't doing anything for us this year (after a pretty good season last year), and in fact, got his first sack of the season yesterday (along with a RTP penalty).

Medlock CHOSE to sign as a free agent for $175k/season - IMHO that is FAR too much to pay a very good International place kicker/below average punter (if he was a National, that might be understandable). We don't know the negotiations that happened during the 2015 season, but Maher and Castillo have NOT made me miss Medlock (who, BTW is playing EXACTLY as well with WPG as he did here).

Gable was a casualty of a high salary, and with Green being as good as he is, became expendable due to salary cap considerations. This was a pure salary dump, where we got the rights to two neg-list players that the team is very interested in. CJ is playing just as well as he did here, so your point is moot.

All other teams make the same decisions and trades every season. You're entitled to your opinion, but don't be upset if I debunk every one that I feel is outright wrong.

DCF: can't wait for collaros to light it up in Toronto.... the same people will say "Why couldn't he do that here???"

"Then there was the loss of his sidekick Tommy Condell who made it clear there was bad blood between them. Bad management...Austin should have solved that problem. Also... Austin's media skills are zero. A GM needs to have very good media skills. Maybe Austin will turn out to be a good GM but so far all I have seen this year is an old boys club at work trying to salvage something. We have traded away or not kept too many good players eg Ellingson, Chick, Medlock and now Gable.They are all playing better football with their new teams than they did in Hamilton."

Tommy Condell QUIT, he was not fired, and it was 5 weeks before training camp!
He was just as much the "A" Hole as Austin, if not way more on that.

Austin is not the GM, he is the VP of football operations(and yes his media skills are sorely lacking). Tillman is the GM and he is a great communicator with the media and has also done a fantastic job of bringing in new players and was instrumental to getting June Jones Leonard, Saunders, Chambers,Green, Cappicotti, Kanneh, Mathews, Unamba, Washington,Quinn, Castillo,etc.,etc.

IMHO, A huge sigh of relief went around the League when we were eliminated from the playoffs on Friday, No team wanted to meet up with us in the playoffs.
This team is in great hands going forward into next season!

Tommy Cpndell quit and an A hole....source?

In various threads the same people say we have good players and good coaches. 4 and 11 says something different to me. 3 evaluation games and then re tool where required.

Tommy Condell?



I have resigned as OC Hamilton TiCats. This move was done with great care and contemplation, but was made in the best interests of my family
9:50 AM - 11 Apr 2016

Austins response
“Tommy has expressed his need to take this action as serving the best interests of his family,? head coach Kent Austin said in a statement.“When I joined the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2012, Tommy was my first hire following our three seasons together on the staff at Cornell University. He did an outstanding job with us and was an important part of the winning culture we have put in place here.
“I cherish my relationship with Tommy and that goes beyond coaching. He will always be my friend. My trust and respect for him is and will always be extremely high. We coached together for six years, but our relationship goes deeper than that.?