what if Masoli had started...Discuss?

Lots of talk about Collaros. But, it is pretty clear to me that Austin had the wrong starter. Jones agrees with me.

If Masoli had started all year, first place would be ours.
No way Masoli ever goes 0 and 8.

Masoli is a winner. He never quits and the Cats are in every game he starts.

Keep him starting and groom him for next year. They need to sign him.

Must say, I agree.

I have a feeling he may be gone though, due to lack of funds.

The funds will be there when collaros is gone

Aaron Rodgers would have been killed with the offensive line we had at the beginning of the year, let alone the loss of, arguably, our best WR in the first series of the first game.

AFIK, Masoli didn't play DE, SAM, HB, CB, DT, SB, WR, or kick returner, but you all think that he would have magically won the majority of those 8 games by himself.

The team started playing better when Lolly replaced Reinebold as DC.

I just find it laughable that in a game where there are 42 players on a game-day roster, that having a mediocre QB would make ALL the difference when the team was crap at the beginning of the year.

??????A voice of reason.

Not to mention no other team in the League would sign him as a starter.


With potentially Collaros Franklin and Jennings available?

It's unbelievable that lots of people seem to have a hard time grasping this.

Tommy: "What if's" are pointless.
We are out of the playoffs. Time to look ahead.

All I know is that after an 0-8 start and then the fiasco and distraction involving Art Briles, Austin and Tillman should be gone after this season. And Mitchell should have nothing more to do with the Tiger-Cats side of the Caretaker's businesses.
I can't believe so many fans stayed away from last night's game. I wonder how many will be back next season if Austin and Tillman are still running things. They seem to think Manziel is all they need to get the fans back. What a joke. Time to clean house. Again.

I still think that Masoli's passing accuracy is too low to be a starter. I like is running ability and at times he shows flashes but you have to look at how many points he has scored and how many bad passes he has made. I think they will try Collaros down the stretch . I am not sure what it will mean if they don't ? Keep him healthy for a trade . I still don't see any team paying 540 k for him for next year whether he plays or not and we would certainly not get much for him.
I wonder what the cats will do in the next while , if they will dump any contracts ? try new players . not sure. I have to say that Calgary game was very entertaining and Hamilton has come along way but We are still not quite there yet . I don't know maybe Manziel puts us over the top .

Football is a one-man sport. Like tennis (singles, not doubles). If we all just accepted that we would have fewer disagreements here.

Sorry TommyBoy but have to disagree with you that we wouldn’t have gone 0-8 with Masoli. First off, with the poor O-line performance, poor D and poor overall team play that was happening during first 8 games, even a healthy atom Brady souls have lost. Masoli did well when team play turned around but he could never muster up a solid /consistent effort or move the offense when needed. Couldn’t finish games even with an improved team play. So no I don’t think anything would have changed.

Yeah MR. I too think that the Cats are going to have difficulty filling seats next year. I was stunned by the empties last night vs Calgary. I don’t think the weather had anything to go with the poor attendance, something I’m sure the organization will try to use as an excuse.

And just WHY did Masoli win games this year?? Better OL - didn't have to run for his life and had more than 2 seconds to pass the ball most of the time. The addition of a running game that was missing or at the best underutilized in the 8 losses. A stable receiving corps, different offensive system. You really think Collaros wouldn't have won as many - or more games - under the same conditions as Masoli has had under Jones?
The MUCH improved defense kept this team in the game last night when Masoli faltered - as he does more often than not in a game (last week in Winnipeg excepted). As Gerbear so nicely pointed out - Masoli's passing percentage isn't high enough to be considered as a #1 QB. The ONLY reason, as I see it, that Jones chose to go with Jeremiah ahead of Zach was because of his previous experience in the type of offense he likes to run.

The improved Cats are the result of series of beneficial changes that Collaros did not have the luxery of during the 0-8 run.

  1. Austin out. Totally lost the room.
  2. Jones in. Players are buying in to his plan.
  3. Reinbold out and Lolly in = much better defence.
  4. Better O-Line and running game.
  5. Better play calling.

Zach would have also thrived with these improvements. He might not have performed at his 2015 level but he would have gone at least 4-4.

Zack was the problem with the offense. He seldom dropped back in the shotgun and often moved forward where he could not see receivers. Before zack injured his knee he often rolled out and could get around the rush. This year he seldom rolled out under pressure. Was he afraid to run, had he not fully recovered from the injury, has he just slowed down. Yes the defense improved but Masoli proved his ability to lead and mostly delivered.

Your team from management, coaching staff and players needs a complete enema.

Argo T Sounds like you have volunteered.