What if Marshall Hadn't Been Fired?

Anyone care to speculate on the course of events in an alternate universe? (I love reading 'alternate histories'.)

Coach of the Year in his initial campaign'
Unfortunately, in his second year he was saddled with assistants who facilitated the deterioration of the club.

But then, the owner, realizing the terrible handicap that Greg had been forced to endure, stepped in and cleaned house. He brought in new coaches, men with proven experience in the CFL. With this support, Greg was able to put his own, well proven, tactics into effect.
That year they just barely reached the playoffs, but were eliminated in the semifinal game.

However, the seeds had been sown, and in his third year at the helm, Greg took the Ticats to the Grey Cup game. There they made mincemeat out of the B.C. Lions, the champions from the west.
The fourth year was arepeat of that success, this time highlighted by the return of past great, Angelo Mosca, who came out of retirement to anchor the defensive line.

A side benefit to the Hamilton area was the recognition now accorded the football program at McMaster University. The many players from that school being used by Greg, gave recognition to Mac, and resulted in further gains there.

Now Hamilton looks to many future Grey Cups and Vanier Cups.

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  • What If :roll: Following The Ti cats 4th Loss of 2006, A hard fought game that could very well have been a Ti cat Victory,(except for Bad officiating)-The team rebounded with two consecutive wins, and played 500, football the rest of the season, -In 2007Coach Marshall had a falling out with Starting QB Mass Who was benched and eventually CUT, Marshall inserted Shawn King as Starting QB -who struggled with CFl game at first , But with the best running game in the CFL the Tabbies Almost upset the Bombers in the eastern Final losing on a last gasp hail Mary TD by Milt Stegall- prospect for 2008 sees the Ticats being a Grey Cup Contender, with the Youngest CFL roster and 14 Non Import starters , the most depth! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like Marshall CIS coach. That's are far as I think is will ever be able to go in the coaching world. Standing on the sidelines with an ugly face does little to correct the real problems. Sadly enough, Marshall coached the most undisciplined Tiger Cat team in history. I don't think things would have changed unless Marshall stepped up and made his players and assistant coaches responsible for their actions.

Having had a couple of years to think about Marshall's situation while in Hamilton, I think he was under a lot of unnecessary strain from the front office along with strict financial restrictions for obtaining talented players.

I would like to see Greg Marshall reappear one day in the CFL as a coordinator or head coach. Hopefully, he would be given the freedom to call his own shots.

This is just my (possibly misguided) opinion.

I think he's a great man, but that he should never have been made head coach off the get go. An experienced head coach with Marshall as a co-ordinator would have made more sense. A lot more sense, in my opinion.

  1. Financial restrictions? They spent money. They were quite active in free agency.

  2. Agendas

Wont predict wins/losses but rest assured they all tried really hard and had great attitudes.

We certainly wouldn't have been any worse than what happened since.
Anyways, that's the past and basically Greg comes out the biggest winner in this as far as I'm concerned. That being said, I think Bob Young also comes out a big winner because in the long run, the whole process has made him learn more about running a pro football team and that is good news for the Ticats in the upcoming years.

I like Marshall. I think he was given the full blame for something that wasn't entirely his fault. We put Lancaster in to take over for him and even his "football genius" couldn't make that trainwreck any better.

Better still, he should have started as a position Coach
to get acclimatized to working with professional athletes

and familiarize himself with the systems opposing teams use,
and to learn the nuances of how the CFL game is played.

Ladies and Gentlemen.... we've debated before (many times) whether we liked Marshall or whether or not he should have been let go.

This is a thread for your imaginations. Let them soar!

What would have happened if he had stayed.... for good or ill. What players might we have here today? What would the front office look like? What would our standing be? Run with it. You have a plausible start. (That was my idea, anyway.)

we be 0-18
Marshall Needed to be an OC 1st then a Head Coach later.
You don't give a Lamborghini to 16 Year kid
He Don't how to drive it .
Same with Coaching
Marshall Should have been Brought in as an OC .
Then Promoted after 3 or 4 seasons from OC to Head Coach.

we have the right Man For Job now .
Question is will he have The Talent to win now.
Right now I hate to say it
So Far The Answer is NO.

We got Younger that it
That dose not mean better.

(Ronfromtigertown) Better still, he should have started as a position Coach to get acclimatized to working with professional athletes

and familiarize himself with the systems opposing teams use,
and to learn the nuances of how the CFL game is played.

I think Ron hits the nail on the head here. Greg Marshall and others like him from the Canadian college ranks should probably never start CFL careers in the top job.

These guys appear to find the step from college ranks to pros a bit too much for them. (I'm generalizing here and not saying that this is always the case.)

Greg Marshall has had his trial by fire in the CFL at a time when there were many strikes against him. I'm sure that the experience taught him a lot and if a team were willing to take a chance on him again in a less formidable role, he could work himself back to "Coach of theYear."

Had he remained as head coach, I think that without front office interference,(which is only a suspicion of mine)things might have been better. Bob Young has also gone through a learning curve since he took over the team and I'm certain he wouldn't repeat numerous mistakes that he made.

At this point in time, the team's ownership and management are all improved. Now, all we need is playing talent.

He would still make bad choices and continue to lose!

Do you say that with conviction or are you simply hypothicising?

I think that, as morbid as it may sound, that Greg Marshall may not still be around anymore. Honestly, I believe that with the amount of stress and anger that he displayed on the field, that he may have suffered a severely debilitating heart attack or stroke. I seriously hope that I would be wrong...

First off, if we had proper management, Marshall would never have been hired as a head coach. Maybe and OC but not HC.

That's how I see it. Where would we be now if we had a proper GM making the proper decisions?