What if Hamilton hosts a Playoff Game against Toronto ??

Where do the Tiger-Cats play ?? In a 15,000 Seat Stadium or in the visiting Argos Stadium ????

Considering the Rogers Centre would probably attract over 35,000. Do the Cats move it to Toronto ?

Interesting Senario ??

If the Ticats earned second or first place and home field advantage it would not go to the visiting team.

If we were to host a playoff game against Toronto - I would believe that it would be at the Rogers Centre with the Ticats running everything and collecting the revenues from it if they were to buy it from the CFL.....

Let's worry about having a successful enough season in 2013 to make the playoffs!

With only 4 teams in the East it's a Realistic Senario for Fans :wink:

In a 10,000 seat stadium in Guelph. :wink:

Playing A Hamilton home playoff game in Toronto would be a complete joke and a disgrace.

Not a disgrace. Just one of those quirky things that come with being a fan of this much-loved but undermonitized league.

Like havng two teams with the same name or one man that owns multiple teams.

Some people see these CFLisms as a joke but those people tend to be a little more full of themselves than they probably should be.

Make the playoffs and you can play at the HAAA grounds for all I care. Just make the playoffs. :wink:

Agree completely, these are some of the sorts of things that really attract me to the CFL, I love it.

Excellent word 40yearfan, CFLisms. :thup: That's how I'm viewing Guelph actually. And it's a lot better than having a stadium like the Rogers Centre to have to call home, anything is better than that including the HAAA grounds.

Hopefully real grass will be put into the RC soon for the Jays as it seems the case will be and the Argos will be forced out. This will be a good thing for the Argos "even" it means playing in a Guelph type environment (maybe at York) for a while, as I say, will beat the RC hands down for atmosphere.

The Cats could make the Arblows use the visitors dressing room in the sky dump. Priceless

Priceless for sure Grover. :smiley:

Thinking again about the new stadium and all that, I'm starting to wonder if our new stadium could actually be "too nice"? We might end up liking an even more intimate environment that we will have next year at Guelph more than the current IWS. :o

You never know really. :? But I suppose a "too nice" stadium might be a good sort of problem, we'll find out!

Can you imagine packing the Rogers Centre with Ticats fans and us being the home team? Think about that... Argos play a home game at Ivor Wynne and season ticket holders cant get tickets? We'd riot.

Play it at Rogers Centre (Labour Day too) and PACK THE PARK. Would make my year.

Wishful thinking.

Argos fans would outnumber Ti-Cat fans, easily, and the Argos would be pumped.

Repeat, it would be a disgrace and a joke!

If that's the case, then sure, play at Rogers Centre. Give Ticats fans first dibs at tickets (say a 2 day window) and then let's all get on board and head up the highway. Why not? A bigger crowd, loaded with Torontonians who'd love to ruin a Ticat "home playoff game." It all makes for a better atmosphere.

What's the downside really? Selling more tickets? Creating more interest among Toronto fans to attend the playoff game?

It's a one time thing. Don't worry about it, enjoy it.

Also Rogers has no obligation to the Tiger-Cats. Could be an expensive rental...

exactly. if the Ticats were the home team then there season ticket holders and fans would have first choice at the prime seating and since it is there home game coolecting all of the revenue and paying all the charges going about using rogers centre. The Argo fans would be left with the seating that is left over.
This very same scenerio may unfold for the Labor Day game as the Commish wants it at Rogers centre and the date is available. With the number of games they currently have planned at guleph all sing point to them being te home team at Rogers centre on Labor Day and also be the the home team in TD Atlantic.
With the TiCats set to lose money at an approx 15,000 seat venue playing Toronto at the Rogers Centre with Hamilton as the Home team t should draw a nice crowd which could help recoup someof that lost revenue from playing at Guelph

What's the downside? Humiliating our team by snatching away home field advantage. Have you ever been there when Hamilton plays? There ain't that many Hamilton fans. Not that many more will go. If anything, the reverse would happen and the Toronto fans would further humiliate Hamilton by vastly outnumbering the "home' crowd.

If you're more concerned about selling more tickets because of a dumb stadium decision than winning a "home" playoff game, then sure.

You do know that Scott Mitchell is only expecting 6,500 or so STHs next year, don't you?

The Argo fans would be left with the seating that is left over.
That leaves about 47,000 left over seats [b]if [/b] every single STH buys a ticket.

After tis seasons disappointments and they games in Guelph were many Hamilton fans would prefer no to go. I think that the fans would come out in swarms for the Cats and maybe some new ones from the University of Guelph.

[b]The Tiger-Cats are getting financial assistance from the league for the loss of a home Stadium for a year.

Southern Ontario remains a challenge for the Canadian Football League, but commissioner Mark Cohon says the league will provide financial assistance to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats next season while their new stadium is built.

Cohon said Friday during his annual state-of-the-league address three-quarters of the CFL’s teams (six of eight) are breaking even or making money. Cohon didn’t provide specifics but said Hamilton and the Toronto Argonauts remain works in progress.

“We know we have work here in southern Ontario,” he said. “But I’m confident as we look to the future for a new television deal, the new stadium in Hamilton and the progress we’re making here in Toronto that I’d say in a few years that number will increase.”

Last year, Toronto and Hamilton split $1 million from the CFL to grow grassroots football in southern Ontario.

Next month, venerable Ivor Wynne Stadium will be demolished and replaced with a 24,000-seat, state-of-the-art facility. The Ticats have reached an agreement to play most of next year’s “home” games at the University of Guelph before moving into the new venue in 2014.

The yet-unnamed new stadium will stage the 2015 Pam An Games soccer competition. Cohon said CFL officials haven’t decided how much they’ll ante up but have agreed to help Hamilton owner Bob Young cover his costs in 2013.

“What we see now is a bright light at the end of what was once a long tunnel,” Cohon said. “It’s really coming to fruition with that new stadium … and new infrastructure and we want to support him in that effort.”

Cohon said staging the 100th Grey Cup has helped Toronto boost attendance, ticket revenue and its season-ticket base, the last by a whopping 50 per cent.[/b]

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/m/rich/sports/story/2012/11/23/sp-cfl-mark-cohon-state-of-league-address-toronto-argonauts-hamilton-tiger-cats.html]http://www.cbc.ca/m/rich/sports/story/2 ... -cats.html[/url]

Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but Rogers Centre isn't too keen on the Labour Day game as I was getting at with an earlier post in this thread:

Keep hearing the Rogers Centre is giving the CFL all kinds of difficulty in negotiating a Labour Day game for Hamilton and that may be just the beginning of it. Word around is that the Blue Jays want to go to natural grass in the stadium, which would force the Argos to look for a new home.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/GreyCup/2012/11/24/20382436.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 82436.html[/url]

For me though, any place would be better than that stadium, RC, I just don't like it for watching games at.

If things stay the way they are, we will be lucky to finish third next year, so let’s not put the cart before the horse. Let’s concern ourselves with trying to put a winning team on the field, and then worry about if and where we host a playoff game.