What if everyone's healthy?

Has anyone looked at the injury list? 11 guys! Ok so here’s the quiz. Suddenly everyone’s healthy who goes? Why is Corey Grant on the active roster and the new guy Carter on the PR? Shouldn’t this be the other way around? Why are we hanging on to Toeaina. He seems to be a good OL but with the number of Canadians we have will he even get a chance?

8) Toeaina is the back up for import Dan Goodspeed on the OL.
   Everyone will never suddenly be healthy on the Injury List.  While there are many on it with legitimate serious injuries, some have minor nicks, who could play if need be  !!!

   As far as Cory Grant goes, he has a lot more CFL experience than does Matt Carter at this point in time, that being the reason he is on the active roster for now.

  Placing players on the injury list protects them from being picked up by other teams, whereas being on the practice roster doesn't  !!!

So there may come a time when we need an import at WR in place of Bauman that would require Mr. Goodspeed to acquire an injury and be replaced by a Canadian. Ahhhhh, the CFL

which would be Rottier not Toeiana,