What if Dwayne Johnson was in the process of buying the BC Lions and Ambrosie got in the middle of it?

There are a couple Tweets. I'm been trying to wrap my head around

That would be Rob Braley, son of David Braley!

Inherited owner of the BC Lions. :lion:

If Rob is the BC vote in the board room, I would love to be a fly on the 'virtual' wall if that's his view.

Dude, if a megastar like Dwayne Johnson wants to own a CFL team, you better believe that any CFL Commissioner would try to make that happen. Why on Earth would anyone try to stop that?


You beat me too it

Other than the fact he owns an entire rival league?

what if your aunt was your dad

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Dwayne Johnson was also appreciative of his stunt double and a guy who gave him a place to stay when he first began his journey into wrestling. Johnson bought those guys a truck. If Johnson wants to thank Wally Buono for some life-altering moment, he would buy something like a car for Wally as well.

Johnson and Buono were in Calgary at the time, so I do not understand why Johnson would be interested in purchasing the BC franchise in the first place.

Plus as an owner of the XFL, him buying a CFL franchise would give the impression that the XFL is less prestigious than the CFL. In other words, he would just be devaluing the XFL.

But what if Randy Ambrosie is working on consolidating and strengthening the CFL, including the sale of the B.C. Lions, and Rob Braley gets in the way of it?

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What if he was planning to move the team to the XFL ?

See Braley's quote... Seems like the same garbage that we saw from Ambrosie in the sale of the Alouettes.

My guess, assuming a formal merger is in the works. If Braley refuses to go along or simply doesn't want to deal with it right now with the estate but there is buy in for the other 8 teams, the new league would launch without a team in Vancouver.

Parties can continue to talk for a later entry but the team would be worth even less now since it won't be part of any league.

Imagine if David was still alive and in good health during these talks. They may not even be taking place.


Try about 7 percent

Then he/she would have some splain'in to do.

just like Jenner :slight_smile:

Quitting on football after getting cut after your first and only camp doesnt sound "hungry" to me. How about admitting you didnt have pro level talent and let it go ?

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I find it amusing how Dwayne Johnson is seen as the saviour of the CFL by some...Just goes to show how poor leadership and lack of vision has basically crippled the league.

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I agree about people thinking he will save the league, simply because he is famous you should read the hero worshipers on facebook.

Bottom line is that he only owns7% and its not like he bought the corner grocery store and he will devote all his time to it! Other than making a few publicity appearances, I doubt he will send 5 minutes on it

As I was saying, some people are amazing
1 guy on facebook said that if he didn't get into wrestling he would have been in the NFL,,,,,,He got cut from the CFL

Another guy claimed he got cut because the WWE(or F at the time) wanted him to wrestle....As if Wally takes is orders from the WWE
Third guy claimed D will be great for the league because he played football and knows contracts...what can you even reply to that

Make yourself a sandwich and read the stuff on Facebook.....its a great laugh

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Hero Worship - is a big thing for young people. They take notice and an interest when celebrities are involved.
You just have to look at the influence that Drake has with young people and the Raptors.

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Yes but not just with young people, I have lots of friends my age who swoon over celebs