What if Collaros would have started...Discuss?


Just kidding. Nice win.

I just don't know.....

I would think he would perform better than Masoli has with the improved offensive play around him, that's why I've been pushing for him to get an opportunity. But I'm not 100% either. However I want to know either way before whether the team decides to move on from him or not.

I don't want the same mistake that was made with Calvillo some 20 years ago, or forZach to added to the list of former Ticats players that have helped other teams and have come back to haunt us over the last few years.

Here we go with the Calvillo thing again? I went out with a girl once and a couple of years after we broke up, she married another guy. Guess I should have stayed with her for the rest of my life?

Look around the league 6foot, I think every team has a QB that used to play somewhere else, including seven of the nine starters. If Zach goes on to star with another team, so be it. He doesn't do anyone any good standing on the sidelines.

Zach is very good...he should have went in in the 3rd quarter when Masoli rested or something. If no show then put Masoli back in....Zacks problem is that he has no threat of running which masoli has...great game guys...Too bad the league stole our game against Toronto...we would really be in a horse race...Cheers

Exactly my thought. One point out of second, three out of first with the potential to hold two tie-breakers. One or two calls have had a big impact on our season.

"I don't want the same mistake that was made with Calvillo some 20 years ago,"

Revisionist history.

Wow...can we give this silliness a rest.

Are you trying to tell us that Calvillo never left the team? That he played the rest of his career in Hamilton?

Those are some really good guesses. But I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that he meant it was not a mistake at the time.

The Zac we knew before his injury is long gone..
Sorry fellow fans.
In a sport that is all about what have you done for us today.
Zac since returning from injury has only done 1 thing.
Lost 12 starts.
That is only 1 loss away from a new CFL record.
He is being paid far to much money to stand on the sidelines.
I have read all the what if's regarding him..and don't agree with much of it.
Right now Zac still has trade value...even after all the losses.
If he was to start in another game and not do well.
His trade value goes to zero, at his pay scale.
Damaged goods.
Sadly I do not believe Zac will recover from whatever his problems are.
Not in Hamilton..not anywhere.
I wish him the very best.

I would LOVE to see Zac with this offence.

As for the Calvillo thing...please, enough.

He was garbage here. Left and backed up Ham before he ever started playing decent football.

As mentioned by others...several QB's have moved on to other teams with success after being "given up on" by other teams.

It's a non-issue in the CFL.

6ft6 - I agree that he needs to be given an opportunity to play under the same conditions that Masoli enjoys given the revamped offense. But short of Masoli being injured (and I don't wish that on any player) I doubt that's going to happen. However the fact that Masoli could possibly be injured is reason enough to hang on to Zach for the remainder of the season. If Jeremiah goes down having an experienced and VERY talented backup is essential.

SJ Riley - I don't agree that Collaros is "done" or washed up as you imply because of his injury, because given the right conditions, I've SEEN him light it up AND run to gain yardage. The problem is he DIDN'T have the right conditions for most of the team's first 8 losses. You also seem to have conveniently forgotten that the defense played terribly early in the season. It sounds like you are putting the "blame" for all of the early season losses on Collaros but there was plenty of poor play all over the team to account for the poor start to the season.

Well I think Suits is jumping the gun to say that JM is a franchise player because he finally had a good game, who knows what will happen next week. However, we do know that ZC is/was a franchise player before KA got hold of him and forced him into his crappy "pass every down" offense.

ZC deserves a start but until JM totally stinks things up or gets injured, we won't see him, which is too bad.

I don't know what would have happened, being backup he has only practiced the R&G offense with 2nd team, so he may have sucked, who knows. ???

Since being injured Zac has turned into a pocket passer...
Forgot how to scramble out of the pocket and NO longer runs.

I'm fine with June Jones making the decision on who starts at quarterback because he went with the guy he felt best suited to run his offense and the team has gone 4-2 since that decision was made.

Zach has to be very patient like Masoli was and he'll get his chance again, :wink:

Nah. He will just get his change next year somewhere else.

Writing is kinda on the wall when you're up three scores with a minute and a half left and you don't see the backup QB come in... not sure whats going through Jones's head there

He was thinking that the trade deadline is Tuesday, and if a starting QB were to be injured in any of the subsequent 3 games this weekend, the Ticats would have way more leverage in a potential Collaros trade. Any such potential leverage wouldn’t be able to materialize if Collaros suffered a season-ending injury in garbage time against Winnipeg.