What if Chang had started tonight.

All l am going to say is what if Chang starts tonight and has a whole game to play,sure he will make mistakes but as a rookie not as aveteran player like Maas .After 3 games Maas has lead us to one touchdown.Tiimy Chang needs to practise as the starter for a whole week ,not come in the last 10 mins and try to pull a victory out of Maas @#$$%ss!

Maas at this point would do better coming in for Chang if needed. That's my opinion.

The difference between Chang and Maas is while Chang will make rookie mistakes, he will keep opposing defences on their heels. Maas doesn't. Period.

Oski Wee Wee,


we woild have had a chanceto win IMO

They have to breath on each others neck for a while. But start Chang.

I am confident that if Chang had started the game the Cats would have had a win. You can't bring a guy in late in the game and expect him to perform his best. I am sick of Maas. He looked a little better today but don't forget who they were playing against, another 0-2 team, and he still did nothing. Maas consistently kills Ticat chances with bonehead plays, screwups, interceptions... If I recall in the first qurter he fumbled a hike out of the shotgun, threw an interception to stop a drive. But his biggest problem is his bad passes. Am I the only one who thinks almost all of Maas's passes are behind the reeivers or at least almost always in a very difficult place for the receivers to make a catch and then make a play. Every pass the receivers seem to have to first make a great catch from a poorly thrown ball and then try to break a tackle because the defense is all over them. Maas throws into heavy coverage and forces his receivers to slow down. i don't know, it could be that I'm so sick of Maas that I'm looking for anything to blame him for the Ticats losing but after last year and three games this year I can't help but blame him.

all i am going to say is...... if chang started tonight we would be 1-2...quite simple

What ever happened to the "Win as a Team, Lose as a Team" motto.

Maas made some mistakes that I expect no vet QB to make, but he wasn't the only one making mistakes. It was not the QB that lost us the game tonight to say it was is just wrong, Chang went like 4 for 15 that is nothing overwhelming except for the nice pass to Ralph.

The secondary was making horrible mistakes messing up simple coverage for 2 TD's, Stupid Penalties left right and center cost the Cats a number of yards. I saw at least 2 chances tonight where the secondary should of easily intercepted a subpar pass but AC but didn't.

I could go on for a while on better reasons for the Cats loss than Maas but he seems to be the scapegoat.

I still believe that with the mistakes made tonight, even with Chang starting the Cats wouldn't have won tonight they are still not meshing as a unit they are making far too many dumb rookie mistakes. Chang rallied the team and kept the excitement in the game during the forth quarter and actually showed some offence and a rocket for an arm. I like Chang's enthuasiam and his energy but they isn't enough to win a football game.

well obviously we played better with chang in the ball game

chang got us 10 points in the 4th quarter

maas got us 10 points in 3 quarters.
and u aint gunna win games like that

10 points in one quarter on the other hand

thats 40 points in the whole game!

Two defensive breakdowns were the major contributing reasons for the loss tonight.

Maas played a gutsy game and showed some heart and leadership running with the ball. I think he threw the ball well. A misread of the coverage on the interception was a mistake but even Burris can make those type of errors. The combination of Maas and Chang has a potential of being a great tandem this year. Throwing out the baby with the bathwater (as some would have us do ie Ralph and Maas) will not build a better team. Continuing to work on things and controlling mental breakdowns is the key to our future success.

[ Chang rallied the team and kept the excitement in the game during the forth quarter and actually showed some offence and a rocket for an arm. I like Chang's enthuasiam and his energy but they isn't enough to win a football game.
Exactly, Chang rallied the team, Maas strips them of any momentum they might be able to pick up. And yes, a quarterback does win games for you. QBs are key in the CFL. Not just what they do on the field but the momentum, confidence that they bring to the team. I am beginning to believe that Maas is bringing bad chemistry to the team somehow. Chang steps in and the Cats seem more confident and have more life. He will make mistakes, but I think the team will rally around Chang more than Maas. Ity appears to me that Maas has lost the respect of the team, especially the receivers.
So I disagree with you, Yes it is a team game. But the quarterback is still the key ingredient in bringing the team together. Somewhere along the way Maas has lost it.

schmity,the combo os maas and chang has the potential to be a great tandem this year?

wtf we cant keep starting maas and pulling him every game can we?

3 starts for maas and 3 losses and 3 games that maas didnt finish

hmmmm maybe that means sumting


tcfan that is EXACTLY wat i am getting at

liek did u notice how when chang first came in he had wayyyy more time to throw then maas did

almost as if the o-line likes chang better

I don't know if 'like' is the right term (but it might be) i think they have more confidence in Chang and as a result play better for him. I think the whole team plays better for him not just the Oline. In addition, Chang can buy himself more time with his quick feet and scrambling abilities.

yea true....i have to admit though maas did do better with his ''scrambling''

but i still thing chang is the right man for the job

no one wil ever give maas a break in this city. maas would have won the game in the last 2 minutes tonight.

Was he the right man for the job in the last 4 minutes of the game when we actually had a chance to win?

We were down 6 points and Chang went 1-for-6 for 0 yards in the last three drives.

I think he is the future but I think he needs more time. He has slim to no supporting cast.

I'm not sure about that, but this is one area where experience would have helped.

do any of see what Charlie is doing ???

Here is a Story :
Back in early 80's QB Steve DeBerg was the starting QB for San Francisco.

Every few Series of plays a Young QB would Replace DeBerg. Gaining Valuable Reps.
That Young QB Went on to win 4 Super bowls
He was Inducted to Pro Football Hall of Fame, 2000
That QB Name was Joe Montana.

Cut to Present Day ..
a Young GunSlinger Named Timmy Chang Waiting.
Maas is now taking the Roll of Steve DeBerg
Timmy Getting time Every Game the same as Joe did

This will pay off down the road..
Same as did for Joe Montana.

If Chang started tonight, I think we would have won, not by much, but Chang had the sense to look at his receivers when the going got tough. Maas would take the snap and run, and not look at the receivers (he did that THREE times). If anybody says Maas played a good game they need their eyes washed out. He played an alright game, but with this team you can't have an alright quarterback. Chang would have done much better had he not been thrown into the fire. He brought excitement back into the stadium and his team though. He brought us back and gave us a chance to win.