What if......(and I'm only thinking out loud ok?)

We make a final shot at getting Doug Flutie here to help out for perhaps three years......

We have serious quarterbacking issues and to deny it is ridiculous.

I remember a few years back while changing a flat tire for a female Ticats employee in the parking lot of the C.A.A at Main and Emerald, Christopher Dean and Rob Katz walked up and said, Mikey, come on over here because we have a question to ask you.....so I go over and they say "if we go after Doug Flutie, what would you say as a fan...is it a good idea do ya think?"...well, it must have taken all of a second to say "You're damn right!.....Go for it! because he is probably the best teacher available for our up and coming QB's and in the meantime will make sure we always get into the playoffs and will inspire the whole team including coaches.....and I also said since we are selling out anyhow, no-one can accuse you of a gimmick to getting bums in the seats....".......it almost happened...sighhhh.

Now, is it too late?.....I mean what if we coaxed him to give it a go for the sake of being a player-coach to Chang and Williams?.......do we have salary cap room?

I know he can still play like a kid!...and what a personality/mentor he would be!

This, in my opinion is how we stabilize the quarterbacking issue and let the rest of the team catch up.

-- again, just thinking out loud so don't think I'm demanding it as the only fix for our quarterbacking dilemna -----

mike 8)

I think last season, he would've been fine because he hadn't been away from the game for long. But at his age, a year or more away is a lot. Besides, he said himself that when the Argos approached him about playing last year when Damon go hurt that he went as far as buying a plane ticket to Toronto but in the end, he just didn't feel he wanted to take the punishment anymore.

Great idea though. Just one season too late.

An Argo-Cat fan

Well, I got to float my idea out there so that makes me happy at the very least....and that's what fan forums are for.... (good idea or bad idea...it's all good!)


Some of these posts today are just "a waste of cyberspace." Honestly.

Nah, no QB could help this team the way it's played it's first two games this season.

And you're a high school teacher?..supposedly a person who encourages ideas and discussion?.....

I refer you to a beauty of a post you made July 2 which didn't include even one idea as to how we can improve:

[i][b]When I go back into the classroom after Labour Day (I'm a high school teacher), and I don't deliver my lesson effectively, I guess I can just tell each class full of 25 teenagers that "it will get better...I just need some time to gel." I'm sure they'll understand...just like Ticat fans are very understanding of people saying "this team needs time to gel."

To all Ticat players: if you can't "gel" after AFTER A TWO WEEK TRAINING CAMP AND TWO EXHIBITION GAMES, get a job with Dr. Scholl's. They will give you lots of time "to gel."[/b]

God help our students if you are the one teaching them ! :roll:

Criticising a post is fair game.

Personal attacks are not.

Exactly......hey, my idea was just that.....an idea.....perhaps misguided but still genuine and with a view to offering a suggestion that may work....

I hope others have similar suggestions and won't be 'put off' in expressing them...that's what we do here: ie. express ideas for debate as to whether they will work or not.

But Mikey is exempt, is he not?

sounds like the guy who was sittin behind me lastnite...he actually had the same thought.

u dont happen to be a red-head with a buzz-cut and a goatee, do u mikey?

Wow!......incredibly close..but no goatee....I believe in the close shaved look that George Steinbrenner demands of his Yankees players....

(and by the way, I wasn't there last night but my kids were) :wink:

First, no offence, "Mikey," but being criticized by you means absolutely nothing to me, as (from day 1) you have never, ever written anything of meaningful significance or insight on this website...a reflection of just how qualified you are to criticize someone who teaches for a living. (I'd "dig up one of your 1500+ pointless posts" to embarrass you, but, unlike yourself, I actually have a life away from the computer).

Secondly, as a paying Ticat fan, (just like you, I presume) I can criticize the team (or fans who offer ridiculous suggestions about how to improve the team)any way I want.

He's doing quite well as an ABC broadcaster for NCAA telecasts. No chance.

Oski Wee Wee,

Best that you have the last word here....

let's shake hands and move on...k? 8)


Enjoy the rest of the season. :rockin:

If for some stupid reason we decide to go out and get an old, washed up QB, I hope it's Damon Allen, and not Flutie. At least Allen has been involved in football the past couple years. Flutie has been announcing.

P.S. In no way am I promoting the idea we trade for Damon Allen, or any old QB.

Mikey, what are ya doing changing a tire in the CAA parking lot? They got folks to do that!!

trade holmes we dont use him. trade lumsden .the u.s.is full of backs better than him.get some pro recievers for them

Can we trade fans instead? LMAO

If those guys are asking the phone line installer* for advice about players, I'm really glad they're not running the football operations any more.

*I don't know if this is actually what you do, but I think you get my point.