What if Allen, Calvillo, Dickenson & McManus were gone?

If the boy’s all retired this season. Who would be the new dogs in the league? The new blood to step up…

printers, mass, wynn, jones would be back, banks, kennedy?? not sold on him.

Printers, Maas, Wynn, Brady, Joseph, and....Buck Pierce!

Why would Calvillo retire? He's 10 years younger than Allen...

i would say joseph is already one of the best in the league. brady??? hmmm. i need a few more drinks in me before i agree with that one

Joseph is as old as Calvillo...

I think the Lions new QB backup can play also but it best to bring him on slow - Buck Pierce.

Also, not sure of the quality of the injured backup at BC, Jarius Jackson but he was going to be no. 3 but got hurt in the first exhib. game on the first play and has not been back since. Pierce finished and won that game. He also finished the Calgary game here and looked great.

Mind you, Spurgeon Wynn looked great when he played last year in BC and now his name is not mentioned.

Calvillo will be here for a long time I am sure.

bring him in slow??? according to daley you play your young guy 60 min a game regardless of what occurs. i am sure getting destroyed everytime you get on the field does wonders for your confidence.

Dickenson is like 33, prime QB age, and has 5-7 years left