What I'd like to see...

Now that I'm finished with my period of mourning over the demise of the 2009 season, I'm pondering what I'd like to see at QB next season...

Practice Roster Spot...one of Santos or Dimichele

3rd String...Stefan LeFors

2nd String...Michael Bishop

Starter...Somehow get Jarious Jackson out of BC.

It would seem that Santos/Dimichele/LeFors aren't ready yet. Bishop, IMO, has been at his best coming off the bench, and provides the veteran aspect we need. As far as Jackson goes...well, been rackin' my brain trying to think of someone we could bring in here who can help this team win as soon as possible. Can't really think of anyone else. In any case, I think that line up would significantly upgrade the position over '09...

Jarious Jackson could be a good fit in Winnipeg.Lord knows he's probably never going to start again in BC.Question is, would Wally be willing to give him up since his QB's seem to be made of glass?

The other thing to consider is that Wally is one tough guy to trade with, he'd probably want an arm and a leg for Jackson; if you have to trade a starter or two, maybe you should call Edmonton and see if they're willing to part with Ricky Ray.

I put this together thinking about reasonably attainable guys...If Edmonton was to trade Ray, they'd likely want an arm and a leg too...But, I guess if you want a QB in a QB league, and you don't wanna wait a couple of years, you have to bite the bullet.

I'm with you on that Kubie. Sure Edmonton would want an arm and a leg for Ray; but so too would Wally for Jackson; and if you have to trade an arm and a leg, may as well go for the better QB, and that's Ray over Jackson by a country mile. As well, my guess is that Maciocia is an easier mark for a trade than would be Wally. After all, Kelly was able to get Shabazz of Edmonton for Kai Ellis, which is a pretty darn good trade to my way of thinking. . .

Good point...I just don't see Edm giving up Ray. You never know though, I guess...

doug brown, gavin walls, a prospect and an appealing neg lister for kelly campbell and ricky ray

then trade something to toronto for the rights to corey mace and get him here ASAP

Just throwin out ideas lol

This Lulay fellow might be worth a look!

Doug Brown will NEVER be traded.

......I agree....however he might be fragile like Pierce....How about McPherson in Mont......IF you're going to make a trade of significance...why not go for the gusto...The guy is solid...young and talented...Only problem is Popp would want an arm and a leg....plus a niggling feeling in my mind that just maybe the reason McPherson looks so darn good is because the team around him is very talented......hmmmmmmmm :roll:

That's completely understandable. All you have to do is look at all the back-ups AC has had during the years and see what type of careers they had. The Montreal Gazette had a list in an article about McPherson:

Stanley Jackson, Dan Gonzalez, Jamie Barnette, Corby Jones, Greg Hill, Tavares Bolden, Eric Kresser, Ben Sankey, Ted White, Ell Roberson, Nealon Greene, Ryan Dinwiddie, Scott McBrien, Brad Banks, Jason Maas, Marcus Brady

What type of careers did those guys have outside Montreal?

Brown would retire before going any where else, he has a lot of business interests in the city and isn't going any where.

yea brown is going nowhere... but i think you may been bang on when gavin walls... the guy can be a force at times, overall has had a stellar career thats far from over... i think he may be trade bait... depending on what the coaching staff think of the younger and CHEAPER odell willis/phillip hunt... even with walls in we didnt generate much pressure this year so who knows which route the coaching staff will go.... maybe we see a walls, perry and _____ trade for ray and campbell? or jackson and someone? ... although the third wpg player would still most liekly have to be a decent starter to draw interest...

also on that note. i believe it would take much less to lure jackson away . . . ray has been a solid qb for so long... jackson has been inconsistent at best... wally cant possibly hold onto all those qb's either... so for the right price maybe jackson becomes a bomber

interesting season itd shape up for... young gunslinger in jackson... vet bishop at #2 and lefors....beyond that we'l have to see after tc... but i wouldnt mind that lineup heading into next season... still no guarantees tho

As President, founding member, Secretary, Treasurer, and indeed the entire membership of the Stanley Jackson Fan Club, I resent your mentioning my hero in the same sentence as Ted White !!!!!!!!!

Mind you, as bad as Ted was (and for those who don't recall, he was, yes, he was), I seem to recall that at one Montreal practice, the inimitable Tavares Bolden threw the ball at the ground and missed.

I'm still ticked that they released Stanley Jackson because they thought Dan Gonzalez was better. . .and all Als' fans know how that turned out. . .