what i'd like to see done

so far i think tamans on track for a very very good off season. if cavil and charlton come back i ill definately give him an A+. however, there are some other things id like to see done

  1. give logan a shot at safety, hes not a rookie anymore. that was the main reason they didnt give him the job last season. if hes improved from last year it would be great to have him in there with him being NI and all. dont get me wrong, i liked hebert at safety.... he pulled the montreal game out of his ars for us, i just think it would be ideal for us to have an NI.

  2. have hebert and baggs duke it out for weak side linebacker provided Logan gets the job at safety. this way if our original cover LB gets injured, we can tick hebert in there and leave baggs in at the weak ide position. good depth move provided charlton comes back, or we sign a vet

  3. bring in karikari. i know he fleeced us last year, but id like to give him a shot. he had a off year last season.... it happens.

  4. if charlton doesnt come back, sign either butler or mitchel.

  5. put 4 canadaians on the offensive line, one at safety, and one at reciever. hopefully franklin, this guy shows a ton of promise! cant say that enough.... could be the next ben cahoon! and get 4 imports at reciever. cavil would have to come back for this to happen, i dont think taman will be brining in another guy of that caliber.

  6. sign Mccord and dante booker for depth reasons. IMO booker could even win out the starting job!

  7. get banks AND dinwiddie back for TC. im so increadibly sick and tired of tamans college boy experiments. i beleieve if dinnwidies here for a full season, he will start to become a good CFL QB. i did see a bit of promise that game against BC. even though he threw a good 4 or more picks. Banks howed u he could move the offence and score through the air by seasons end. we stick with these guys, and our QB depth will improve, bring in all these college boys, and we'll be starting all over again and lose every game Glenns out for. i personally, am very sick of this never ending cycle.

we need some continuity, we need patience and we need to actually develope our players and stop expecting them to carry our team right out of college. taman says he wants to find the next buck pierce, well BC was developing him for a few years now. he didnt jut show up in the CFL and start owning now did he. we need to work on our playrs.

i agree with a lot of you what you said James........however...THE PRIORITY on this team to advance to the next level is an unknown right now
that being the back-up qb. spot....I haven't been convinced of Glenns performance ..never mind a guy who would have to come in and replace him IF he goes down....i.ve said this last year.... :roll:

Banks....has yet to prove himself ..but what i have seen of him reminds me a little of the departed T.Martin...and we don't want to go there..and besides, he's holding out for more money :lol: :roll: :roll:

Dinwiddie....sounds like he doesn't even want to report to t.c.....and on top of that, i wasn't that impressed with his play either...sooo we are in a bit of dilemma....

as far as finding the next Buck Pierce....that's a bit of stretch... ..i remember a guy by the name of Jim Van Pelt...who Bud Grant brought to camp in the 'DAY'....and he took the starting spot away from a guy who was in his prime...one of the best qb.s ever to play for the Bombers, Kenny Ploen...so it can happen...
I will disagree with you on the Pierce thing...he did literally walk in off the street to the leos'camp

Taman has got some work to do in finding a decent back-up...never mind a 'diamond in the ruff'...get on it Brendan

We also need some work at linebacker...otherwise ..i think we're looking pretty solid....Charlton returning also would be good....but there's other guys out there...so all in all it should be a great 07 for the BigBlue :thup: :rockin:

You are correct as usual, Papa. Geez, you and I are probably among the very very few on here who can remember watching Kenny Ploen and Jim van Pelt.....ah the memories!

If you guys don't re-sign Cavil I'd love to have him back in Montreal. At LB if Charlton doesn't re-sign then Butler and Mitchell are both available, so you wouldn't suffer any drop-off there.

But, yes, backup QB is, as it seems always, a sore spot in Winnipeg. I think Banks has an inflated sense of his own worth; Dimwittie was only slightly better than Mike Quinn......and if he reminds you of Tee Martin then stay the heck far away!!

Problem then is who do you get? Not much available out there in terms of F/A with CFL experience, so perhaps Taman's only choice is to go the US College route. I mean really, Nealon Greene? No thanks; Spergon Wynn? Hey if he couldn't beat out Tee Martin for a job then again stay far away; the only other ones that I can see becoming available would be Jason Johnson out of Edmonton (and he has been there a few years but really very little game experience) or perhaps Montreal might make Marcus Brady available if they decide to go with Palmer as Calvillo's backup.

So it's probably a safe bet that you will have a college QB or two coming to camp; hope one of them works out, it's been a long time since the Bombers had a quality backup QB.

My choice of course would be to bring back Stanley Jackson!!!

With our oline, I think Glenn has a real good shot at staying healthy all year. You can bet that at least one of Banks or Dinwiddie will be back and affirm themselves as the number 2. Hey if we dont have to see either take the field this year that would be great too.

I think Cavil will re-sign, he has had a few offers but it sounds like he is going to settle for the number 4 spot, how did he put it, Winnipeg is a nice little football town to be in. With Cavil we solidify our starting 4 receiver spots and I agree that Franklin could be our nuck.

WIL and SAM, linebacker positions are wide open if Ike isnt back, I think is the only weakness on our defence. Our nucks are managable if that is the way we have to go but with our oline pretty much nucks, there is no reason we cant get some could veteran guys in there.

All in all things are looking good and we still have about 3 months before camp to go.