What I'd like the new Bomber stadium to look like

Well the new Bomber stadium is dead, or very much alive- depending on who you ask.

But assuming it’s still a “go”, here are some pics of what I’d like it to look like, possibly emulating the newest state-of-the-art NFL stadiums:

http://www.thesportsroadtrip.com/Detroit054.jpg http://www.thesportsroadtrip.com/Detroit097.jpg http://www.thesportsroadtrip.com/neworleans09.jpg http://www.thesportsroadtrip.com/dallas14.jpg

nope..just horrible..anything with a roof on it sucks

Hey if you like freezing in Oct. and Nov., that's your business. But most people don't.

It doesn't have to be a dome, but an "enclosed" stadium that protects fans from the elements and is heated (how about heated seats for games in Oct and Nov?) is the only way to go.

its not about freezing…its about the football elements that makes football what it is

My New Stadium. The black line around the edge is the wall between the fans and field level. The field is in the middle (Tis a poor drawing lol) The black and white colors on the left is:
The black: The thick area of the black is an indoor dressing room. The little strip going back into the stands area is a tunnel from under the stadium seats, to the dressing room. The white strips by the sidelines are outdoor benchs and the white strip on the edge of the black is a dug-out bench under a roof, which has doors connecting it to the dressing room. The otherside is the bombers side. Same principle. Finally the redish brown dots on each end near the endzones. On the SOUTH (Bottom) end zone is cameras and media its stationed higher in the bleacher area. (Notice its behind the wall.) The top end zone has media and cameras at field level. and of course there would be 2 or 3 cameras on those cart things along the sidelines. Tada, new stadium. And yes that was the Coors field. Home of the Colorado Rockies Baseball team. I covered up the diamond with patches of outfield i copied and pasted. This drawing isnt to scale. Its clearly a rough estimate.

Is there any particular reason you chose the last two title holders of the ugliest stadiums in the NFL competition. The only ones missing were the Kingdome in Seattle and St. Louis' new football stadium. Its possible to be covered from the elements but not to look like crap.

this one is no good either..the fans are waaay to far away from the field..thats almost worse than edmonton id it isnt

I was too lazy to put the pic on photobuckt and do all of the stuff so just go to the link....now this is a perfect stadium...and the field is close enough to the stands where u can actually see it

like that idea for a stadium


Okay this is Winnipeg. We cant build a freakin Superdome. We get 25000 a game not 55 000. Be realistic. This is the CFL we cant emulate state of the art NFL stadiums. So stop posting pictures of massive NFL stadiums you morons.

i was just about to say that. lol thats why mines only a massive basball diamond. Except in mine you could actually cut off like 20 rows all the way around to make it more suitable. You cant in the others, theres skyboxes ect.

heres the actual stadium from satellite. You can just make out the Bomber logos in the endzones.

we were talking about the design not the size, who says you cant make them like those stadiums on a lower scale?

thanks for your time buddy

I find it ironic that Winnipeg is going after a new stadium. In my opinion it would rank 4th when it comes to stadiums around the league. Im not for a minute saying they shouldn't go for a new one, but at least Canad Inns has 2 decks of seating, with actual seats rather than benches, seating around most of the field, fieldturf and even a partial roof. Heck, that puts them miles ahead of some other places

me thinks you might be talking abouut IWS.

Didn't want to mention any names, but....

I'd like it to just dome over the fans, and maybe over the feild of play in bad weather, and be 45,000, or at least pass the 30,000 mark.

I'd like the original plans, and I'm still going with them.

If you want a really effective CFL stadium, keep what you got and attach two massive, exterior polyurethane butt cheeks pointing west towards Edmonton and Saskatchewan.

LOL. I like the old plans too, any news on this?

sanpel has my vote lol. i like the planned drawing for the stadium although i don;t a hotela s any right being attached to a football stadium