What I'd Give to see Tillman and the Riders Management NOW!

I don't think we are top-heavy in the way that Edmonton is, or Hamilton was, with a few big-money studs and a bunch of kids playing for 50-60K. But in terms of positional groups, I think our O-line costs us a fair bit (and, with Murphy out of BC), is probably the highest-paid group in the League. I would guess that our receivers now, are either 1-2 (Calgary may be higher), but after Simon, BC has nothing expensive, and with Tucker and Milt gone, Edmonton and Winnipeg probably don't match up.

I think our secondary is among the highest paid as well, with Omarr and ED each over $100k (ED probably well over that), and Frazier just re-upped - he'd have got a bump.

So, on an o-line, or receiver group or secondary, even if you only average $10k more a man over another team, that's $50-60K per set, and can easily bridge the gap between what Ray makes and what our top QB makes.

The trend in the NHL is to sign very long contracts, but at rates arguably below market value. The New York Islanders of all teams, actually began that trend. Players give up short term dollars for long range security. When the CFL starts guaranteeing contracts, then that aspect will happen here as well. Meantime, a contract like we offered Mo was not even in the ball park. Because there were not nearly enough guarantees. In the case of Hossa, yes, occasionally a player does sign for less money. They have their reasons. Hossa is/was banking on winning a championship and then likely signing a big dollar contract. Neidermayer took less to play with his brother. When you are talking about millions, it gets a little easier to forsake that last 2 million when you already have 30. In the CFL, the difference between what Mo received and what we offered could well be the difference between a comfortable retirement after the knees go, or not.
As for the Hunt deal, we knew Anton was a keeper because he had been here for two years. And played very well. With Rey, what we know is, he isn't as good as either Hunt or Anton. And certainly not as good as Mo. So there will be a drop off. And it isn't like this is a 23 year old kid who almost certainly will get better. He is 29 this year. Meanwhile, we have no idea who will be the 3rd guy. But it will be someone, won't it? And I am sure who ever it is will be a fine athlete ad make some tackles. But odds are, he won't be as good as the guy he is replacing.
And more on Rey. Keep in mind one reason the linebacking was so strong was because we had a very capable 4th guy who in fact was on the roster every game and played a lot. This year, the number 4 guy moves up to 2, and we have no idea who numbers 3 and 4 will be. Let alone some depth in the wings at the 5 spot.

We have this same conversation every year around FA! In 2007, OMG we lost Davin Bush and Omar Morgan. In 2008, OMG Fred Perry and Kerry Joesph. Eric Tillman won us a championship and gave us 2 home playoff games in those years. So relax.

Remember last year how everyone was praising Brendan Taman for resigning all his FA's (Tom Canada, Dan Goodspeed) and extending contracts to Kevin Glenn and Terrance Edwards. How did the Bombers do? Not so good!

Same for the Lions. Walley kept and extended every single player. The lions did beat us in the playoffs. But overall, their performance in 2008 did not live up to their or anyone's expectations.

RELAX PEOPLE!!! Learn from the past!

The Riders still have Kitwna Jones.. who is a linebacker, he looked out of place on the Dline last year. I would stick him back at linebacker since we have Chick, Verdon, Adams, Williams and Schultz on the Dline. Add in Shologan to challenge for a spot, and we are set there. Maybe that is why the Riders didn't aggresively try to re-sign Lloyd or McKenzie. IMO, we still have a very good D.

I have not thought of this scenario before. Does the SMS state that if a team is under the cap 1 year, they can gain a "credit" for future years SMS? If this is the case it would bode well for future Grey Cup hosting cities. Just s hit the bead for a couple of years, save on cap space, and go nuts on salaries in the year they are hosting, hoping for a home Grey Cup win. Would also explain some of the goings on of some teams today. I mean, win the cup one year, you gotta figure you have 2 or 3 years to wear out your welcome after that, have no regard for retaining talent, and just as the axe is about to fall, go buy a quick winner again and start the whole process all over again. Brilliant strategy for management who are looking for career longvity.

I am pretty sure that you cannot carry cap space over from one year to the next.

You can't "carry it forward" per se, but what you can do, is, if you had cap room left in 2008, you pay your guys signing bonuses in 2008, which count for that year, and then pay them less "actual" salary in 2009. So it isn't a "carry" it is spend it or lose it. But in practice, room is carried forward if you know what you are doing. No team should ever be anything but a few dollars short of the cap total....

Arius explained it more accurately than I did…sorry for the sloppy writing.

I don't see anybody mentioning a LB Tillman brought in late last year. Sam Olajubutu. He was suppose to be the best LBer out of Arkansas since Wayne "Thumper" Harris.

Really? It seemed to me that after we lost Mo and Anton all anyone was talking about was how great Sammy was going to be…
A "can’t miss " prospect. My experience is, most “can’t miss” prospects do… miss that is…
If the kid is 1/10th as good as Wayne Harris, he’ll be awesome!!