What I would like to know is

How the ticats olinemen will have the nerve to cash their next paychecks.

For the first time in 40 yrs, I am going to say that I am now in favor of getting rid of the import ratio so that we can get better olinemen in this league.

You don't have to start all non imports at the O-line position, as long as you can put non imports in somewhere else.

Nobody else seems to be having this problem, maybe it's coaching?

in any given season, we have at least one team experiencing serious problems with oline. Obviously, teams dont want to waste american talent on oline with present import ratio, but maybe somebody should do a rethink, because there just dont seem to be anywhere near enough quality canadian olinemen for 8 teams.

Do they make up for it with a touchdown? :wink:


maybe it would help improve the over all canadian oline talent if they would allow each team to dress one additional import olineman in addition to present import rules. That way, they could between the 8 teams, get rid of the worst 8 canadians, hopefully.