what I want to know is

when does the cfl football reg season start

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When the players het their share of the revenues.

You gots to earn your pay first. Players haven't earned anything yet

Well you can criticize Henry Burris for collecting over 400 k and throwing no TD passes all season at TD Place. Or you can realize that he is playing with an expansion team that was not allowed an extensive minicamp and only practices 16 hours a week. They only practice 16 hours a week because the CBA does mot allow them to practice anymore then that, because players have to work second jobs.

I dont think players work second jobs during the season. Some do in the off season, but not during the season. Im sure even the poorest paid players at 55K per year can survive on that for 6 months. If you pro rate that, its 110K a year.

The lower paid guys supplement their income during the off season, not during the 20 week season.

It's not like these guys are on the street begging for money. A lot of people could do a lot worse than make $55K for 6 months.

Burris is also working in a Mike Gibson offence (useless) and bereft of any quality receivers, which is Desjardins's biggest gaffe this year. Good international receivers are a dime a dozen; the fact that Ottawa can't field at least a decent crew of receivers is a black mark on Marcel.

“It's not like these guys are on the street begging for money."

I agree! Now… if you were talking about the NHL….

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Well... According to the New York Times, The CFL is now number 3 in quality of football product.

[url=http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/17/sports/football/brooklyn-bolts-give-players-another-run-at-the-nfl.html?_r=2]http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/17/sport ... .html?_r=2[/url]

First off you are either very young or still live in your parents basement but 55k a year is peanuts and you could do better working at Tim's . Living in Vancouver that 55k a year won't come close to pay rent /mortgage, food, gas, insurance, plus your risking your body from serious injury. Even if you double that at 110k a year for a family is tough, the wife still needs to work at that wage. I get that in some areas in the country you could do it but in Vancouver not a chance. (Ex property taxes on the west side can start at 12k per year)

I made 130 last year and paid 50 of in in various forms of tax.. That doesnt even include GST and PST. This year Ill make about 70 and by no means am I rich. I think these people have no mortgage and have no idea how hard it is to start out nowadays. People like FYB, bought real estate while on welfare back in the day. Old people have no idea what it would actually take to have kids nowadays.. Try 13000 a year after taxes( basicly 20k) per child. This number does not include saving for post secondary education.

Your right I paid 30% in taxes plus tax on everything else I paid for. I. I'm Very fortunate living in Vancouver and have a good job . Yes real estate in Vancouver is grossly over priced but you have a lot of people that are house rich and dirt poor, this includes a lot of seniors .