What I want/expect from the Cats in 2009

This is what I expect and want to see out of our beloved Cats this year:

2nd in East
Home Playoff Game
Advance to Eastern Final
10 East All Stars
5 CFL All Stars
2 Players up for year end awards representing the east

4000 yards passing
25 TDs
10 INTs

1600 Rushing Yards
400 Receving Yards
15 Rushing TDs
5 Receiving TDs

2 w/1000 yards receiving
2 w/8 TDs

40 sacks
20 ints
10 fumble recoveries

Special Teams
85% on FG
100% on PAT
46 yard punting AVG
10 yard avg return on punts

I just sooooooooooooooo badly want the Cats to win this year and I can see up with stats like this!
20 yard avg return on kicks

I think we should be happy with 8-8 -- a season to build on. This team probably isn't ready for prime-time yet. Either way, the team should at least be competitive, and my only real expectation is to have a very strong defense.

I expect 7 wins at the bare minimum. I think we all deserve that for putting up with this BS this past decade. I'm also concerned about the future. I really don't wanna see 10 wins this year, us make it to the east final and lose then next year 2 wins, then 3 after that. I wanna see 2009- 7+ wins 2010- 9+ wins 2011- 10+ wins + grey cup. 2012- 10+ wins and so on. Consistency is key, show us a few winning seasons and you'll get the old Ticat fans back, the same that cheered on Covington and Mosca, and McManus and Flutie. The Ticats new dynasty starts in '09 cats. Bring us a cup! :rockin:

10 Wins and Playoff Game at Home I'll be happy
Anything more is Icing on the Cake

well i want a layer cake :lol: , each winning year adds another layer to that sweet sweet cake and I wanna see this thing 150 stories high. :rockin:


I personally want a playoff game. A meaningful mid-November game or three would do nicely. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

anything short of a grey cup victory is unnacceptable from this team lol..

They have to keep the streeek going

Too much madden in the off-season.

Yes, meant 9-9.

What I expect and demand is a team that cares. This quality hass been sadly been missing for a very long time. Our record isn't really that important to me so long as the team grows steadily and the calls for change for the sake of change doesn't destroy the development of yet another young QB. I expect this will be a rocky road and Porter will have some major mistakes to learn from. I expect the Oline will have some pretty tough times early on in the season and that our 2 1st rounders will see action before they are ready due to injury. I expect the defense will be the best part of our team due to the difficulty of yet another offencive team being built. All in all, play hard and let the chips fall but PLAY HARD

I know alot of guys
They do care nothing bugs them more then losing .
The Local Guys really Remind Them who we are.

Ticats have to win the Grey Cup to keep the streak going,and this years Team looks to be sound in all aspects of the game a good chance to pull it off!!! Oskee wee wee

I truly believe....we are seeing a Cinderella Story, in the making.
12 and 6...or 13 and 5.
A soild play-off spot....and then, anything can happen.
Look out CFL, the Cats are back in 2009. :thup:


I'm sure there are guys that cared over the years but sadly they didn't prove to me the majority. Face it, this team has been bad for a very long time and player after player has left town to success in his new digs. That sir is a clear sign of desire to leave town not desire to play here. This attitude being purged more than anything is what I expect. I want players that want to be here and play like it. I'm sick and tired of the excuses

I'd be happy with making the playoffs and being competive in them. At least then we show we're ready to compete with everyone else.

Ni doubt the Cats will be alot better this year but 12 wins is a pipe dream...they just don't have the Quarterbacking......Porter is talented but raw and a work in progress and Glenn won't last the season....
Defense has a lot of holes too...

8 wins and a playoff spot is my prediction.

Wow, you guys sure are setting up yourselves for disappointment. I'm guessing 5 wins max.

10 wins and a home playoff game, a win in the east semi-final then a trip to Montreal for the eastern final...

More wins and a much more competitive team. Definately a playoff game (either home or away is ok with me). I don't want my ulcer to get any worse than it is lol

Don't do a burnout like the argos did a couple years back. From making it to the east final to face Winnepeg to a 4-14 record the next season with little signs of improvement.

8 Wins thats it! They could have spent more on free agency ............