What I think I know from the game day experience

I think I know that we should be looking to replace Lawrence Gordon
Carter was released from the Argos...sounds good

I think I know that the new cheerleaders outfits looked wonderful

I think I know that our receivers are the most improved area of our game

I think I know that our offence will be at least average this year...this is good news

I think I know the new merchandise venders looked good but why did the guy they dressed up still have on his Nike hat?

I think I know that with Setta our kicking game is in VERY capable hands

I think I know that the new NFL coach in Montreal knows that a QB sneak on 3rd and 1 is a good call in the CFL.....Taffe does not know this yet

I think I know that Montreal RB COBOURNE is not Mike Pringle...but the defense made him look like him

It is early, but that is what I think I know

Here's what I think I know,

I think the PA System volume at the game last night was considerably less overbearing. (Well done)

I think the concesion stands also experienced a bump in prices. ($10.00 for a dog and coke? - Gimme a break)

I think the team showed flashes of brilliance in between floods of futility.

I think the OC still has feelings for his former team. (Didn't we learn this lesson last year with our GM, who came from the same organization?)

I think I need another beer.


The Bassman


The positives from last night.

Printers looks really good. Throwing the ball well. Very mobile. good decision making.

Setta is one of the best kickers in the league.

room for improvement. Where do you start??

Charlie has to get make sure this team is disciplined. If players continue to take stupid penalties. Bench them. I think Charlie has to toughen up his coaching and let the players know their mickey mouse mistakes won`t be tolerated anymore!!

Here are my takes on the game...

  • Setta and Forgetta! Best kicker in the league this year... mark my words.

  • The defence couldn't stop a runny nose.

  • Printers is going to be VERY good. Remember... he's rotten on the practice squad in the NFL for a couple years. Give him a game or 2 to shake the rust off. He was impressive.

  • The receivers had some flashes of greatness.

  • The first hit of the game was BADA$$! :slight_smile:

  • Tre Smith... not the next Jesse Lumsden but hey... why not break out a 75 yard T run for your first CFL TD! Good job!

  • 0-1 or 1-0 I don't care. I love the Ticats!

Concession booths were nice and quick (though overpriced. $12 for popcorn and 2 waters).

Beer stands were good.

Printers and McKay showed some true leadership.

Pigskin Pete was all over the stands, talking to kids, getting his picture taken, trying to get the croud to yell and scream for a defensive stop, all-around great show.

The half-time show lasted about 5 minutes and was pretty boring (especially to those of us on the North stands. We had to watch it on the Tiger-Vision (TM)). At least the McCann dogs are out there for the ENTIRE half-time...