What I sleep with!!!

I thought you were going to show a picture of your wife...
...and then I realized that you did show a picture of your wife :stuck_out_tongue:

Beautiful isn't she??? :wink:

Actually I have been trying to figure out how to get a pic on here, and after seeing what Kanga has done I figured it out. he,he, now the flood gates are open!!! :twisted:

Wait until you all see the family trip to Hoboken N.J.!! :lol:

there.,,,I knew the CFL....had bigger balls than the NFL.....would be a good caption for that photo geo.... :lol:

So that's is what u look like Geo365, cool! nice ball, I be getting one of those for X-mas I hope.

a real footballer!

Anybody want to cry.
I found out a few months ago my sister-in-law's uncle used to work for the Ottawa Roughriders. He gave her 3 or 4 CFL footballs signed by the team.
She didn't care for them so she, she, she. I cant even say it.
Didn't give them away! SHE THREW THEM OUT.
They are landfill somewhere :frowning:

I would disown my brother right now for marrying such a women. Oh the humanity.
If not a disownment then at least remover her from the christmas card list

........unless she's like really really hot looking, then you could forgive her.........and I'm betting that probably got me banned from jm02's Christmas Card list........ :twisted:

Nope, you're still there.....that was hilarious.....

Dude!!! My heart sank just reading that. My deepest sympathy's to you and yours on your loss May the Football Gods give you strength. :cry:

Likly an NFL fan, :twisted:

Hey Geo you bald freak.Nice hair.
Anyways,you sleep the football?
Isn't that hole on the football a little to big for you?

Another thing Geo.
It is suppose to be a blow up doll.Not a blow up ball!!!!



  1. God only made a few PERFECT heads...the rest? he put hair on :wink:
  2. The hole comment? not even worth responding to considering who it came from....freak!!
  3. A blow up ball saves on space!

I know Kanga.
The only rider fan I bug now is Billy.
I'm tired of the rider bashing.I have been true to my word.
As for you Geo.
I feel sorry for you.You have no personality.
No humor in you at all.
Must have a low self-esteem.
You can always go to hair club for men.Looks like you need it.
You can always go to a comedy club,and learn some humor.
You can also go to a different sports store and get a tennis ball.That would fit you.
I have a question for you Als fans.
Are you all bald?
Ro1313 are you bald?
Turd seems to be on his way.
Thats it geo.Just wear a cap like Turd.
I will give you credit.At least you don't have a comb over.Well I guess you need a little hair to do that!!!

I think I'm getting there as well. :mrgreen:

Men who look sexy bald…Sean Connery, Mark Miller, Vin Diesel, Billy Zane, Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, Patrick Stewart, Andre Agassi…my question is this: What’s so wrong with being bald? Nothing…