What I love best about the Argos......

What I love best about the Argos......is when they lose.


what i like best about beerbarons, is when he's not at his computer. :cowboy:

waste of a thread.

Agreed, d_g. The origin of this thread is just a blatant attempt to troll. Apparently, this sharecropper forgot about the East Semi last year.

its just plain stupid...

any fan can post this about the 7 other teams....why even post this?

I think he's kindling his little spark til the season starts before he starts pulling a Eskimo fan-esque "All the other franchises are inferior because of our past successes" ego trip. Of course, this will fade once Taman's roster moves fall apart (read: when Nate Davis is shifted to the Injured Reserve)

Not the smartest thread ive seen

how about we deter this from a troll thread to a serious thread. that will teach him.

What I like best about the argos is PINBALL, of course :thup: :rockin:

Second thing I like is that they are not the Leafs, heh heh

...its not trolling if its in the main forum....that just plain old fight picking...

yes it is.

if a new guy joins and makes a thread in the main forum titled 'CFL fans suck', thats trolling!

this is no different.

As a COMPLETELY :slight_smile: unbiased commentator on this dispute I should like to inform Mr. BeerBaron that his comment was probably out of place and in keeping with the sheer conviviality and tranquility of this site it should probably be retracted.*

*Although completely understandable because the Argos are the Argos and the sheer clarity of the truth of that statement informs the whole world of their true worth :wink: -- and if I were the kind of person who would say things like another thread suggests we should be able to say then I might say what is suggested by many of my compatriots Ahem.... but I digress :slight_smile:

Tho' I DO like Pinball.

So, in conclusion, the sentiments of the original writer were probably out of order*.
With decorum and grace,
(posting from Ticats.ca)

*but supremely understandable


but you forgot something FYB, Everyone better go out and book their golf tee times before they Leaf players start booking! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

....nope again, that's called stating an opinion...and under free speech the poster wouldn't be editted or the post banned as a result....why?....

....firstly, how do you know he said s-u-c-k?....maybe he said ROCK and the screwy edit-bot deleted it....yeah, I know, far-fetched but still true....secondly, maybe he's right, and his opinion is open to thrashing by anyone wishing to take him on, and I know a few on this forum that could rip him a new one, engarde.....thirdly, the post would hardly break any of the forum rules, and if you say it breaks the one that says you shouldn't write anything that just serves to rile the masses then check the guage of your skin and join the politicallycorrectallthetime.com forum.....

...finally, trolling by current definition is dropping inflamatory posts into the team forums, out here in the wasteland where bravery reigns we are far more liberal in tolerance no?....

And there will be a lot of love to go around this year BB.

That remark is even more stupid that this post.

That remark is even more stupid that this post.

Not speaking about yourself, specifically eskfan. Just knowing the rep of a few previous bad apples who happen to share a fan affiliation to the Eskies. I'm not saying all Edmonton fans are that way. It was because of those malicious cooks in the stew that boils from Commonwealth that I was citing out. And I apologize if I came across like I believed all Eskimo fans behaved like that.

Whoa whoa whoa.
Did you not see the smiley face at the end of that quote.
It meant that it was just freindly arch rival joking around simular to any CFL jokes I hear.

I was expecting a few laughs and jokes in return from you guys. Oh well.

Damn it SUCKS to be misunderstood :slight_smile:

Well I think you guys know that I love all the teams in the CFL.
The point of this thread was to show that Toronto is the one team that I want my favourite teams to beat.
In Winnipeg 30 000 fans scream and chant ...
Now come on, understand that this thread was meant for fun.

BB I think you just found out that while some people don't take your expansion thoughts seriously you get their attention when you are dissing the beloved Argos. lol