What I Look Forward To In 2016

What I Look Forward To In 2016…

  • A full season from Zach Collaros - oh, what could have been in 2015.
  • The RedBlacks trying to retain their Eastern Title - will time finally catch up to Burris.
  • The sale of the BC Lions to someone who will breathe life into the franchise.
  • The Argos at BMO under a strong determined ownership group.
  • The SRR fielding a strong team - what the heck was that this year?
  • A new CFL website - we need it.
  • Stadium plans in the Maritimes.
  • Grey Cup in Toronto.
  • Every team making money.
  • CFL ratings jump 10%+ as the Jays fail to impress.
:thup: :thup: :thup:

That's a good wish list.

a new website provided it is built and maintained by a company better than mrx
less injuries, specially to star players
less bitching about refs

a new website provided it is built and maintained by mrx
more bitching about refs
lots more bitching about refs
anything else that gets under the skin of the officiating apologists :wink:

troll :slight_smile:

if The Riders hire the right guys to take over they will be a 9-9 team at best.

it’s going to take 2 years, 3 at the most to be a contender.

I just hope that 7 of the 9 teams aren't forced to play the majority of their games with 2nd/3rd/4th/5th string QBs ... it will be good for the league as a whole.


The rookie 3rd stringer worked out pretty well for BC this year. :?

Great list, I would like to add:

  • O-Coordinators have got to step their game up. Time to bring back the QB starting under centre formations and intentionally moving pocket. Defenses know exactly where the QB is on every down.
  • TSN update its coverage and technology. Compared to NCAA and NFL, I think they can up their game. First down line fades or doesn't even make it across whole field.
  • Update on new stadium for Calgary
  • although unlikely, CFL video game
  • CFL playing their pre-season games in non-CFL cities where available. To Grow game. Most teams other than Sask, don't have great pre-season attendance, why not go to places that CIS and CJFL fields.
  • TSN pick up more pre-season games.
  • No Saturday night games once NHL starts up, Saturday afternoon games are fine, but does hurt CIS if game is televised.
  • Continue NHL no Canadian teams playing during Grey Cup, extend to Raptors. That way there are fewer sport options during game. Unfortunately, won't ever have it as good as Super Bowl which has virtually no competition for sport or non-sport programming
  • CFL using (buying) virtual reality technology that was offered to NFL, for additional rep time for CFL refs. It was mentioned on Monday Night Football tonight.

The website is fine other than the statistics section.

The stats database needs to be brought into the 21st century with each player entered game by game and accessed in full html sortable and queriable tables, not stupid pdfs.

Right now to look up something as simple as games played is impossible.

Right now to look up Brandon Banks' punt return average you need to open up the team pdf, page down down down until you get to return stats and read through the list to find his name.

I should be able to type 'Banks' in a search bar and get all his career stats year by year and click on one of the years and get his season stats game by game. Every other league in the world has this type of feature.

Stop looking in the mirror and you won't see trolls.

Great lists. I don't care at all about video games, but from a marketing standpoint for those especially under age 16 or so in Canada it makes great sense. Positive early impressions in sports do make for lifelong fans, and the more media that are used to reach them the better because those kids don't watch TV, listen to radio, read a sports section as did we in the last millennium.

One example of a young QB who may have benefited already from the use of virtual reality technology is Jameis Winston of the Tampa Bay Bucs. Having lived also in Florida until last summer, I was not optimistic on his prospects but his rookie season has been respectable with overall good performances after his first outing. Who knows if the use of that technology in the preseason actually helped, but I doubt its use hurt a rookie QB in the NFL.

Success somewhere else for Trevor Harris after the Argos decided to stay with Ray - Harris has too much trade value for the Argos to retain him I think

These four changes in the rules, so as to encourage more return and offensive play, as posted in a thread a month ago:


You didn't notice the ridiculous number of QBs that started games this season?

That is a lucky roll of the dice, generally didn’t work well for most teams. And not to say that some of the presumptive starters coming out of TC wouldn’t have lost their jobs in season (Crompton for one) but the key word in my original post was “forced”.

Getting David Braley out of the league would be a huge huge step forward. Braley is the reason we are stuck with this joke of a Commissioner. No one else would take the job of being Braley's puppet. I almost hope for a short term health problem for Braley that forces him to sell.. He is almost solely responsible for the decline of the league in the last five years

Oh, Bungle. If it wasn't for Braley, we would not have a CFL. You are only concentrating on the negative.

Besides, I'd be willing to bet, if I looked back far enough (I'm too lazy), I'd find negative comments from you about Cohon and Wright.

Let's ALL give the New Commissioner one more year.

Clearly somebody didn't bother inquiring who was on the Commissioner search committee... I'm guessing Jim Lawson, Ken King (President of the Calgary Flames & Stamps) and Spencer Stuart know "a little" more about business than you do.

2-3 more years for the Riders to continue to suck.