What I liked.

  1. Cody's crushing hit. What a hit! It seemed that he's adjusting to the postion of safety. He was more noticable tonight. I'd still like to see him at CB or DB, but I'm willing to wait and see some more

  2. Keith's range. The new defensive lineman was making tackles all the way out at the sidleine and he layed on some heavy licks too.

  3. Moreno gettting the defensive team to get the fans energized. it showed me leadership and heart. He gives his all at all times.

4)Gordon's coverage was tight. A great play when he batted the ball away in the endzone. That pass was pinpiont but Gordon's coverage was even better. I like his game.

Hey Cap Kudos, Even though I am tough on the team, it is nice to see what fans like. Maybe some of the coaching staff might read theese posts and take some of the good and work on it some more.
I myself am quite impressed with Curry. I think he should be on Punt return more often I've never realy noticed it before but that guy's got Jam.

Agreed on all those plays. I'm quite impressed by Curry also, JB. Makes me wonder why he hasn't been returning all year.

all i have to say is ... the defence played well... you know cody had a good hit wheb you can hear it in section 25

Because we have/had "star" returners like Holmes and Armstead. IDK what was wrong with Corey, but for some reason it looked like his heart was not in the game here. Too bad, so sad. Armstead is a bit nicked up, and that's why Curry was returning punts and kickoffs. Why he wasn't the primary returner after being named the CFL ST POTW is beyond me...

There were some positives in yesterdays game as noted by CK.

His posting is refreshing in a site that is full of barbs against the team including my own.

I am finding it very difficult at this stage to find positives as CK did, but I admire him for his attempts at disregarding the doom and gloom most of us see in exchange for some good things.

I think that one more positive would be that Casey Printers will get better, but what about the rest of this team?

Oh, I'm not disregarding the doom and gloom. How can you?

It's just that it's not all doom and gloom, that's all. There will always be something during a game that fans will like. So I think the board should reflect that. The odd positive thread is needed to temper the travesty that has unfolded so far.

With players like Printers, Lumsden, Arsmtead, Moreno, Cody, Armour, Gordon and Setta, it's got to be just a matter of time. That's alot of young talent.

Don’t forget Williams, I think he will be
our buck in a Dickison/Pierce QB system.

Ya but also just like the leafs it may look good on paper.......

I liked the command Printers had in the huddle, and he quickly earned the respect of his team mates. I loved the zip on the football - all passes were on a rope and probably caught the receivers unaware. I liked the fact that he launched a football 50-yds downfield beyond the secondary to prevent a 15-yd sack.

Even though there weren't many positives from last night, one positive that stuck out in my mind was this...

After halftime I joined my cousin in his seats in Box C. During a timeout some idiot in our section was yelling at Armour and told him that he was "terrible" and the cats were "done, the worst team he had ever seen," etc. etc.

Armour slowly walked over to the sidelines and said "You many believe that, but we don't, we're going to keep playing to the final whistle, we're gonna keep going at em'"

I really like how Arnour handled himself towards this fan.

Zeke & Armour have that swagger that makes them fun to watch.

There are some positives. And another week in practise Casey will make a bit more of an impact. Our Defense and Special teams are respectable. A few less points handed to the other team, a few more points on offense who knows.

The last few weeks I was impressed with Cauley(RB) I may have messed the spelling. Not sure about his blocking but he seems to run with a passion. With running backs averaging 5-6 yards a carry, kind of makes you wonder why we don't run more though.

Really, the defense did very well considering how long they were on the field.

And given the season that we're having, it's hard to believe that we can have an off game, and really, that's what happened on Saturday. However, how many teams have had a perfect season? Everyone will quote the '72 Miami Dolphins, of course, but if that was the last perfect season in North American football, it should make you think that sometimes your team will lose, and it just is the way the snake slithers.

I've said in a few scathing posts that I wasn't expecting a win, but I was looking for a touchdown. Didn't happen.

Maybe against Calgary on Friday.

No line ups at the food stands
Being able to stretch right out after the third quarter.
Being able to pick out friends in the opposite stands.
Out of the parking lot in three minutes.
No traffic on the way home.

^^^ LOL!

Good for Armour. That's what I like to hear and I believe he's not just jawing off. He truly believes in it and he plays that way. I hope we can keep him around. He's definately someone to build a defense around.

My positive was that I was out of the country for the last two games and therefore was unable to see them.

Life is good. LOL

Funny!!! Here's a few more....

Throat doesn't get hoarse from cheering.
Hands don't get red and sore from clapping.
Interesting echo in emptying stadium after the 1/2.
Can get game-day tix at less than face on the street at IWS.
Concessions never run out of anything.

An Argo-Cat fan