What I like about the new stadium

It is both needed and deserved.
The financing plan is sound because it limits taxpayer exposure while encouraging the user-pay concept for the public to share in the cost.
Since the railyard site is no longer viable because space is too limited, the Evraz site is a sensible second choice. There is enough land there for proper development. Space efficiencies can be gained for things like parking and other possible sporting infrastructure. The new location is only about 12 blocks west of the old stadium, so walkers and shuttle-bus users shouldn't experience any big transportation changes.
Residential and commercial development can still take place at the railyard site and be easily linked to transportation to the new stadium site.
Designing the facility to be roof-ready is extremely sensible because it limits future extra costs as need, demand, and extra funding provide opportunities for enhanced development.
Surely, any new stadium would be planned to allow for expanded seating to 45k-50k to handle Grey Cup games or other major events.
Removal of the old stadium allows for the design and planning of a new neighborhood which addresses the need for more housing, office space, and commercial infrastructure.
All in all, a well balanced plan that allows for a lot of development and investment in future growth.
Three cheers and best of luck to all involved.
By the way, GO RIDERS!!

I think you mean the new stadium is 2 blocks west of the old? LP had a google map and the stadium is in the very south east corner of exhibition grounds (corner of Saskatchewan drive and Elphinestone). At least that's what I took away from the map.

Could be I miscounted. 2 blocks makes it even better for walkers and bus riders. Now if they can do an excellent job of planning the parking and access/egress from the new site people should be very happy, particularly if there is more than one event taking place at the same time.