What I enjoyed most about Grey Cup weekend

Many highlights, had a great time, but #1 in my books occurred on game day; we were about to leave our hotel to go to BC Place, when we happened to meet, take photographs with, and have a great conversation with my all time favourite Saskatchewan Roughrider, one of my top 5 favourite players of all time, and in my opinion the greatest defensive halfback to ever play in the CFL, the incomparable Eddie Davis.

Easily the high point of the weekend for me :smiley:

Cool weekend MJ :thup:
How did you find Doolins Irish pub?

We found it by asking the cabbie :slight_smile:

But seriously, had a great time there; met lots of players. . . Josh Bourke, Billy Parker, JC Sherritt, Charleston Hughes. . .

We also got to meet Damon Allen; interestingly, he indicated a desire to getting into coaching. I don't know whether or not to read anything into this, but he did make specific reference to the fact that Ottawa has fired their offensive coordinator. . .

Eddie is an awesome guy. A bit disapointing he is not in the coaching ranks as I think he would excel at it.

Davis was indeed a great HB throughout most of his career and should have been a first ballot inductee immediately after retirement.

for those that wish to see Eddie in the HoF, please nominate him under the players category...


Sitting by my Christmas Tree to watch the game.

Glad to see Heluva Good Dip as a sponsor. My favourite BEFORE they became a sponsor. Will buy even more now!!!!

I'm with you 100% on that depop. I spoke to him about it too; said I thought he'd be a brilliant DB coach and then move up to D/C. To my mind, there was no more cerebral DB in CFL history. He didn't get by on sheer athleticism (and as we all know you can't teach natural talent), but was really a thinking man's DB, rarely if ever out of position on any given play; always seemed to know what was coming. That to me means he'd make a great coach. He did tell me that yes, he's been approached more than once about getting into coaching, but he said that he loves the game too much and would be uncomfortable on the sidelines because he'd want to get on the field and play! I truly hope he changes his mind, but I guess he won't. I consider myself fortunate to have watched him play the game.

Yeah...lots of ex players need a good 5 years away from the game before giving it serious consideration. He has proven himself a DC already, as he essentially ran the D and called most plays under Etch's "lets see what happens" approach for a year or 2

By far the best was hanging out with the legend Anthony Calvillo at the ALS huddle on Saturday night! As great as he was on the field, he's just as classy off of it too

I was lucky to meet a few HoFers as well, including AC, Don Narcisse, Damon Allen, Grover Covington, and Bob O'Billovich.

Interestingly, Grover Covington settled in the Vancouver area after his career, which is somewhat unusual I suppose because he grew up in the US and never played for the Lions. His son was a standout in high school ball and was given a scholarship last year to a US college.