What I Don't Like 2 See In The CFL

as topic: What I don't like to see is fans booing thier own team! Your Team releys on you especially at home games and watching Winniped boo thier team made me feel bad for them! Being a true fan means stickin by your team thru the good games the bad games the good seasons and bad seasons. 13 mins left in the 3rd quarter gelen threw a ball that got carried by the wind off it's mark . that was bad behaviour by some fans. The last time I witnessed this was later in the season at a Sask home game when kerry J was having a bad game! fans who boo there own players should stay home and not make things harder for for a team when they get in a bad section of play! those who boo there own team should feel bad :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: B.C. was way ahead and I still felt bad about the way the fans crapped on a team that never gave up despite the score! people like this are ussually 2 faced and jump the bandwagon when the winning is there and disrespect the team when there down! Losing is hard but have some class and support your team good or bad!

I disagree somewhat. Fans plunk down 40 or 50 bucks so they should have the right to their boos or cheers. Especially when the team is playing really lousy ball.

But tonight, although the Bombers lost, what I saw of the fourth quarter they were still working their tails off and that deserves some level of respect. If that is how they played all game then they should not have been booed. I suspect there were several plays where they never really showed up resulting in a frustrated group of fans.

even in the worst time a lil support can go a long way! I just thought the bombers deserved better!

Two things: Your spelling makes baby Jesus cry.

The players deserve better, but the management not so much in my humble opinion.

Obviously, none of you have been to Ivor Wynne over the last 5 years. That type of behavior does not surprise me at all when your team is down 42-3. Ouch!

With all due respect, as paying customers fans have the right to boo or cheer as they like. It doesn't matter what anybody on this forum thinks.

The fact that the Bombers had a crowd to boo them says a lot about fan loyalty. I would never question Bomber fan loyalty (not to mention the 7 other teams' fans).

Cheering and booing is one of the only ways fans have to voice their feelings about their teams performance at the game.
Now if they single out a player (or ref)...that's just mean spirited and wrong.

Being a 'fan' means cheering for your team when they do well and letting them know when they aren't.
If you only do one of the above, you are not a 'fan'.


Go Bombers!!!!

On one hand, you have the right as a paying customer to do as you please as long as you're not attacking anyone. Fine.

On the other hand, what are the odds that, presented with equal contracts, that the next big free agent signs with the team with the "boo-bird" crowd when they could go elsewhere and have unconditional support?

Do what you want, but don't expect the players to "show you the love" when you crap all over 'em for a bad night.

I have to disagree I think you have to support your team no matter what. They are out there working theirs asses off for a win and the fans can turn a game around by energizing the team. When Winnipeg is getting booed in the first half that kind of sets the tone for the game. I bleed green and if they get there asses handed to them I will admit that and have no problem discussing where their problems were but I will not boo them at the game. I paid 40-50 bucks to support my team not to go and boo them. I will however boo Burris everytime I see him.

Riders Rule

Well guys even in the Feterik years you could hear very few boo's from Stamp Fans. And those years were difficult. But you saw 30,000 or mor fans even in those lean years still cheering for their team. Let upper management deal with the poor decisions being made. those players do not deserve it. The more they hear it the less they want to play and more problems occur in the locker room. You the fan pay but the players depend on that 13th man on the field. Rider fans are a good example. Through all those years of hearing ya NEXT YEAR they supported their teams. If you the paying customer are not happy contact the head office and let them know your not happy. But to boo the team on national TV is not the way to go.

I don't think it is that simple. Why? Take Saskatchewan for example. Football is like religion there. You sign there and play well, you have the world handed to you. Endorsement deals (small as they may be) , people coming up to you in public wanting to talk or seek autographs,etc. Go to Toronto (as an example) where maybe you will never be booed because the fans never boo (again just an example). You become just a player. No one recognizes you, you are on the last page of the sports section, etc.

For many players, being somewhere where football matters to a large part of the population means alot. To some the ability to simply disappear means alot. I would be really surprised if the crowd booing when the team sucks big time would really make that much of a difference.

You raise good points, except for using Toronto as an example... (is Toronto ever a good example?)

I'm thinking more along the lines of the other teams that have good fan support - much like redwhite's take a couple posts up.

Notice the Winnipeg energy when Dinwiddie came on? I was at the game, and I sure did. Glenn needs a kick in the @$$, he's better than this.

Good game Lions, you got a well deserved win :slight_smile:

I've been going to Ticat games since '81, and haven't missed a home game since '94. I have seen a lot of bad teams, but I only recall once where I actually booed them: a few years ago, when it was clear that the players had given up, and were just there to collect a paycheque.

I don't like when people boo their team, because as long as they're trying and doing the best that they can do, how can I fault them if their best isn't good enough? Generally, I cheer them when they do well. My silence is my way of voicing my discontent.

If you are going to boo a particular player or a team is if they are on the opposing side, or if a player or team that you cheer for doesn't give you their best effort. Big Dave is correct, the only way to boo a player or team is if they don't make the effort to give their best. If you feel that the team is not making the effort you can voice your displeasure by booing them as they leave the field, and send your message that way.