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Chad Owens signing up for a MMA fight to me is very irresponsible, considering what he means to the Argos and how well compensated he is for it. Imagine how we`d feel if Jamal Richardson or S.J. Green were doing this.

Im also going to editorialize a bit on MMA, I just cant watch it. Dogs arent allowed in a ring to do these type of things, but humans are. I like a good boxing match though, so I guess Im a bit hypocrytical.

It is a great training regimen but fighting an opponent in a sanctionned fight on an undercard (max 5000.00 purse) is absolutely shocking to me! Thankfuly it is not our problem :wink:

If he was to gets knocked out he would not be allowed to fight for six to twelve months as a preventive measure to brain injury but he would be allowed to play football :roll: Then if he gets a concussion who will be blamed ? Barker and the Argos could end up looking like idiots.

The other thing is JJ is very hard on the joints, again this could shorten his football career. Weird that every guy and his cousin wants to be the next GSP.

Peut-être espère-t-il éventuellement y faire plus d'argent que dans la LCF, mais à quel prix?

C'est vraiment pas un coup de génie, et s'il devient knock out, je n'aurai pas de peine à imaginer qu'il devra passer quelques semaines sur le banc, si important soit-il pour les Argonauts.

On peut penser que le contrat habituel de toutes les équipes sera modifié dès cette semaine.

Adam Braidwood a detruit sa carriere de football avec ca. C'est pas vraiment possible d'etre 100% dedier a deux sports. Et ses chances de faire plus d'argent avec les AMM sont pratiquement nulle. Il fait autour de 200k avec les Argos. Liz Carmouche il y a quelques semaines a touche 12k pour un combat de championnat. A part la creme de la creme dans ce sport la plupart touche en moyenne 45 000 par annee pour 3 combats. Faire des combats a mains nue pour un receveur etoile est ridicule.

Voici les salaires touche par les combatants Montrealais pour le UFC 158 en fin de semaine

George St-Pierre 200k + bonus et cut pay per view
Patrick Cote 21 000.00+bonus de 21 000 gagnant
John Makdessi 12 000+ bonus de 12000 gagnant
Mike Ricci 8000.00+8000.00 bonus de gagnant
Jordan Mein 6000.00 + 6000.00 bonus de gagnant

On parle ici de gros noms qui sont parmi les meilleurs dans le sport...A moins d'etre un Champion, il y a pas grand argent a faire la.

What a moron. He's a receiver and he's risking his hands (not to mention his brain) for a few extra dollars in a violent sport that could cut short or endanger his actual career? Definitely not the sharpest tool in the drawer, and that's before the head shots...

Angelo Mosca also did something like this, but only after his football career was over!

Any respect I had for Owens has just gone out the window. As Bugs Bunny would say: "what a maroon!".