What hypocrisy from the league

2 weeks ago after a TD 2 Calgary players grabbed the orange pilons and pretended to have a sword fight
The Social media group thought that this was soooo amazing…so original that the enhanced the video by adding light to make it look like light sabers and posted it on facebook

This week after a pic
4 Alouettes celebrated by what the league claims was shooting guns into the air ( I honestly thought they were playing the drums)

They were flagged and today…all 4 were fined

Pretending to fire a gun in the air…bad
Cutting off someone’s head with a sword…FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!

1 celebration is promoted
The other is fined

Total BS and hypocrisy by the league

While I do agree both are seen as “weapons” this is the exact position from the league.

Effective immediately, props can be used in a touchdown celebration provided they are not hidden in a player’s uniform or the goal post assembly, they are not demeaning or discriminatory in any way, they do not simulate the firing of a weapon and they do not unduly delay the game.

A sword is a weapon…and again, they promoted the celebration on Facebook by enhancing the video

They promotedone and fined another

but the ruling states …“does not simulate the firing of a weapon”.

the orange pylons were used as swords.

if they were used as guns and were fired, they too likely would have been fined.

I completely agree with you…that it appears there is hypocrisy, but when the ruling specifically states no simulating the firing of a weapon, and you do…well…

This whole touch down celebration thing has become absurd imo.

Cheer your accomplishment? Yes.
Put on some theatrical production? No.

Bunch of divas if you ask me.

Waste of everyone’s time going through all of this crap. ::slight_smile:

I think the whole thing is childish to be honest, grown men, acting like 2 year olds! I get up and get a sandwich and a drink because I know I have at least 2 minutes of stupidity on the TV that I am missing

To be honest…I could not see it at the game but I PVR every game for that reason, I actually thought they were playing drums.

But what really gets me the most is that they promoted the sword fight on Facebook! They enhanced the video and stated how great a celebration it was

I have been saying that for years…but the commish…who I think is useless now allows more childish behaviour by allowing props

well, I can see how it would irk an Als fan.

however, I think most unbiased people would see a notable difference between pretending a sword fight and firing handgun.

how many people in NA are murdered or even attacked by sword each year.

Naturally we would be more sensitive to gun “play”

Violence is violence

How many people are murdered by hanging? Would it be ok to simulate a hanging?

and again....they promoted one version of violence and fined the other

And as a biased person....I could argue...a sword fight is an attempt to kill your opponent...firing a gun into the air is not....Target practise is perfectly legal

what about fencing with rubber tips?

when you fire a bullet in the air, who knows where it will land

I completely agree.

(but please don't make me admit I agree with an Argo fan :))

when ever I scored a TD (ok, it was not pro or tackle but) my response was always, ok, that was fun, lets get on with the next play so I can score another :slight_smile:

They were not fencing and they were firing blanks :smiley:

I also agree this td celebration stuff has turned into almost what one could call sheer stupidity. A bit of celebration, sure but it’s carried too far now as Ice says a theatrical production. Maybe if they put a strict time limit on it, very short, the players wouldn’t have enough time to go overboard as sometimes do.

I surrender :slight_smile:

IMO…the commish. who I am quickly losing respect for, should never have allowed props

And the league should not be promoting it…almost as if the celebration was more important than the play…

But now its no longer just after a TD…pics and sacks all have a production

Whenever I suggest that the TD and other celebrations are stupid and should be disallowed, I get shot down and called an oldster, which admittedly I am. I like to quote Hugh Campbell and think that when a player scores, act like you’ve been there before. All of the choreographed routines are disrespectful to someone.

You’re not the only one. I do same thing when watching the league down South as well.