What Home Jersey Do You Perfer?

What Home Jersey Do You Perfer?

gotta stick with the black, it's ottawa.

Love all of them but Black is us!!!

Our road white are amazing too but their our road unis… I love it when the also go with the white pants with the white tops… It reminds me of the 1981 Grey Cup and JC Watts!!!

The Red looked great on Canada day… Gotta keep that one for special games though…

Black, for the sake of keeping with custom. But I really like the red. I picked mine up during half time of the home opener.

I think the red one looked better .. but playing against Calgary I think it would not have provided enough contrast.

"White" home jersey?

What are you talking about?

Riders/Whatevers haven't worn white at home since 1968!

Good grief!

Black home jerseys with white pants(1966 & 1968 & 1976 Grey Cups). White away jerseys with red numbers and the white pants as in the 1969 ,1973 & 1981 Grey Cup games. The white jerseys with the white pants are my favourites.

The Riders wore red jeresey's for a few home games in 1973.
The have also worn white at home for the odd game-against the Argos in 1983.

they had red jerseys in the 90's as well, when they had the 49ers colours

I like your black jersey the best, the red one isn't bad either.

Gades - I remember those reds - we had a terrible team back then!! And the logo was the logger dude with the crazy mustache...


I agree that black is Ottawa's colour ... and that the red jerseys look like Stamp's jerseys ... but those red jerseys were AWESOME.