What Hit Was Worse?

So you don't think that what Burris said in that live half-time interview was out of line ? I would hope that he would at least have the class to offer up a public apology to Lawrence for berating him and calling him out in front of a live TV audience. I'll personally be very surprised if Hank doesn't at least issue a public relations apology about his choice of words and how it came across in that interview. Lawrence to his credit has already issued a statement apologizing for his post game comments, I don't think it's asking too much that Burris do the same. As for the TSN panel kudos go out to LaPolice for being the only one on there to have the balls to publically come out and say that it was a clean and fair hit. The other Talking Heads were all like Bobble Heads towing the company line and jumping to conclusions about the incident. Like I said previously the only thing that Lawrence should perhaps be fined over was his ill advised comments about the refereeing in the league this year. Even though a lot of people would agree with him on his statement about officiating this season, he will most likely get fined for telling it like it is, but in no way should he be fined for that hit. Like I also said earlier if it was just another nobody QB and not a Burris we wouldn't be even remembering that hit let alone still talking about it.

the hit on Burris is a prime example of why the league needs to do a way better job of protecting their QB's.

you can't do that. Lawrence should have been penalized, and horsewhipped.

that was not an accident.

He felt it was deliberate intent to injure him and he called it such. I don't have a problem with that.

Not really, no. The reason you do is that you think that Lawrence is innocent. Burris does not. If I’m convinced you stole from me and I call you a thief, I’m not going to apologize about it later if I have no cause to think you didn’t steal from me after all.

All I’ve seen Burris say is that he’s moved on.

David Hinds did not go helmet to helmet and there was no intent. Mathews simply by throwing the ball changed his body position, Hinds was on the outside of his shoulder at the very least it was a glancing blow, the majority of the impact was helmet to shoulder. It looked like a much harder hit as Mathews was also off balance and his play cards went flying.

Have you ever played football? That was a text book tackle on someone running to the outside and how to take him down . To say Lawrence was targeting the leg is a big joke and you have no clue what your talking about.
If Burris was so worried he should have not suited up if didn't want to get hit.

Yes it wasn't an accident, he did it on purpose and no there is nothing dirty or worthy of a penalty on that play

Then you haven’t either, or you’ve been coached badly, because a textbook tackle would involve wrapping your arms around the guy and lifting his legs off the ground, not diving at the player and sliding down them.

[url=http://www.football-tutorials.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Form-Tackling.png]http://www.football-tutorials.com/wp-co ... ckling.png[/url]

Not trying to change to change your mind as to whether or not it was “dirty”, but it sure as hell wasn’t textbook.

Hamilton has a Simoni, Ottawa has an Abdul. Every team has these undersized players who do this kind of stuff, sometimes you even get a Khalif who have moments of insanity. Let's hope the officials keep a close eye on those guys this weekend and the score stays tight enough that we don't have idiots ruining their rivals chances of fielding the best team they can.

That's right. No more legal hits on opposing players this weekend. We're all adults here - let's use our powers of persuasion to convince opponents to fall down or step out of bounds without resorting to the use of physical force.

Most players in the CFL play a clean game. They’ve been told when an opponent is in a vulnerable position to use judgement. You see PLENTY of guys on defense wrap a QB and sit them on the ground even when they have a blind shot at him. Guys like Lawrence and Kanneh who constantly dive at players knees when in a defenseless position are what they are.

You forgot that Montreal has a Cox. :slight_smile:
If anything what Lawrence has done it's the fact that with his ill advised comments about the refs is that he has definitely put a bulls eye on himself for this weeks game. Ya gotta think that the refs will be keeping a close eye on him and will be calling him for everything possible even if it's a marginal call. Burris shouldn't have beaked off at half time but to be fair Lawrence should've kept his mouth shut as well after the game especially the comments about the referees which will come back to bite him in the arse in this game I think. You can all but guarantee that the refs will be throwing flag after flag and not letting anything go straight down the line in this game.

I wrote every team has players like this and you go and claim I forget Cox. I don't know what Cox has to do in this conversation but I"ve never seen Cox dive in a players legs. His issue is mostly with grabbing facemasks which is no better.

As for Lawrence, he deserves two fines IMO, probably will only get one since you can only take half a players game
s pay so there is no point giving him two. I don't think officials will single him out but I hope they make it clear to players before the game that they will call anything that is deemed dirty, unnecessary or dangerous. Both teams have these types of players who can ruin a season or a career.

Such bs, come on Hf you're better than that

I didn't like the hit. He himself admitted he likes to tackle low so its not me making the claim. As for Kanneh, he's one of the most dangerous players in the league, maybe the most dangerous. Call it what you want.

I have played football and I have coached football. Tackling in minor football unfortunately in Canada is going away from any hits below the waist, wrapping arms around the waist is being taught, I don't agree with this. Tackling is all about wrapping the legs up, what he see now, and have for years are "impact" tackles, players just launch themselves into the ball carrier. It was far from being a text book tackle, it was still a legal tackle by league rules, that I believe this has been established. How many times do we see running backs keep running when someone much smaller just throws themselves at them without using the arms to wrap up, every single game. I've reminded players this year about wrapping their arms around the legs of ball carriers, these are CFL players I'm talking about, the coaches stress it in meetings. It still goes back to how they learned to tackle in the first place. Good open field tackles involve the arms. Lawrence launched himself at Burris. Once you leave your feet you can't stop or control exactly where you'll hit someone, in this case it was an injured leg. If his leg isn't in the air at the time, but planted, it would have been a career ender, point of impact would have been ACL. Their was a lot of luck on both sides, Lawrence would have been suspended if Burris had of been injured, luck on both sides, legal hit or not, the perception of intent would have come into play, even if there wasn't any intent.

Where does he say he likes to dive at people's knees as you posted?

Given the angles, and Burris looking to pass, how would you have attempted to bring Henry down?

Thank you. This is exactly as I see it. Great post.

Kanneh hits like a ton of bricks, but he's usually late arriving and I'm surprised he doesn't hurt his own players at times. He's not a big guy listed at 5'10 185lbs. I'm also surprised he hasn't knocked himself out. I'm not sure he's the most dangerous, it's when his dreds are flying all over the place things look more spectacular, but as I mentioned he is usually arriving late when players are already being wrapped up. He's an "collision" tackler.

Good look at the clip again on the 1st Page.. He was a yard away and still had one foot on the ground.. This is more driving through than launching himself.

All ask you as well. given the angles, how would you have made that tackle (or attempt)