What Hit Was Worse?

CFL Fans what hit was worse in today's game between the Redblacks and Ti-Cats, the hit by Simoni Lawrence on Henry Burris that Duane Forde of TSN says was a clean hit but low because Burris was out of the box and passing with no penalty called or the late hit by the Ottawa defender on Jeff Mathews where he was penalized after hitting Mathews helmet to helmet up high?

Here we have a low hit tackle by Lawrence on Burris vs. the Upper head to head hit by the Ottawa defender on Mathews and who knows if Mathews suffered any concussion from that hit or not, remains to be seen this week?

The way Henry Burris was talking on TSN at the half time about the hit on him by Simoni Lawrence you would think that Hank was about to call the police and press charges?

What do you think was the worse hit of the two or are both bad?

I noticed there was no uproar... or any comment on the helmet to helmet hit on Mathews... but sure as hell Simoni dominated the days news!!

I didn't think either hit was a big deal.

I didn't either. Burris tackle was legal but unfortunately labeled as cheap due to a previous injury, and Mathew's hit was eh... Maybe high, but those kinds of shots happen. I don't think there was any malice behind either tackle.

What the heck was Burris complaining or should I say crying about. He's not in the pocket so he's like any other player . If he thinks the player was targeting the bad knee, either Burris shouldn't be playing or he shouldn't be allowed to run on the side of the field that exposes the injury .
The one thing I hate about him is he is a bit of a crybaby, I think he needs to shut-up and just play football.

I have to agree, I have a great deal of respect for Henry as a player and senior ambassador of the CFL and game of football but on the other hand he does cry a bit too often especially yesterday.

When he said it was a totally intentional and dirty hit by Simoni to injure him again and take away his ability to play and provide a living for his family, come on that's a bit high and mighty of a statement for Smiling Hank to make.

Also just as bad of a statement was the one made by the TSN panel of Curious Schultz, Milt Steagal and Matt Dunigan who agreed although it was a clean hit it was dirty. Gee pretty surprising statements made by three guys who all are ex-football players, was Dunigan's career not ended by a hit to the head after suffering too many concussions or does he not remember?

Unlike the hit on Jeff Mathews where he was still behind the line of scrimmage throwing a pass and takes a helmet to helmet, head to head shot by the Ottawa defender who was actually penalized on the play and should suffer a heavy fine from the CFL.

This was definitely a statement game by many Ottawa players, ex-Tiger-Cats to rub it in to their old team like Williams, Elligson, Burris and so on. The first catch by Williams and to showboat afterwards only demonstrates the lack of respect Williams has to his old team the Tiger=Cats. Interesting though, after William's made that first catch, he dropped like 5 or 6 thrown his way and all this by a high priced player?

Henry Burris really didn't eat up the Tiger-Cats either in his inability to score TD's in the red zone. Jeff Mathews couldn't as well but at least in Mathews case the guy is 23 and has had 4 starts or so in the CFL compared to Whining Hank at 41 years and riding the record charts of the CFL.


Maybe because Matthews jumped sideways to make the throw which lowered his head to where his chest was when the tackle was initiated. I think most of us see this as an accidental helmet to helmet and there are plenty of those. Simoni diving for the knees and raising his forearm to maximize impact on the knee was not accidental.

This hit is legal, outside the tackle box and to the Hip not the knee
His forearm is on the other side of his thigh


Sorry but I ran the play over and over watching the game and you clearly see his right forearm adjust and T Burris right in the knee joint. You then see the side extension on Burris knee. Nobody is arguing the "legality" of the hit. People are discussing his intent to take Burris out of the game by aiming for his obvious damaged knee.

Are you for real? What were not suppose to tackle Precious Burris because he has a sore knee boo hoo for him . If he’s worried of injuring his knee any worse, then maybe Burris should be on the sideline holding a clipboard.
It’s a legal football tackle I’m surprised this has become such a big issue.
I’m not sure how else you want the guy to hit Burris, it’s a close game Ottawa is near the goal line Burris is running to the outside to throw and this guy needs to tackle him, what’s the issue?
If Burris was running out of bounds then you are correct but he wasn’t.

I think the hit on Matthews was way worse, do I think the guy was trying to hurt him “no” but it is football and injuries do happen as well as accidents. Hopefully he will be ok for next week otherwise Hamilton could be in trouble next week and into the playoffs.

We should be talking about that punt by Ottawa at the end that kept Hamilton on the 1 yard line. The look on Austin’s face after that was classic .

well here is the hit for all to see and judge.Out of the pocket, a legal clean hit(thigh not knee) , no flag , no intent , no crying from Hank if you ask me. If Burris was that concerned about playing on a wonky knee then he shouldn't have been playing in the first place. If it was just another garden variety no name quarterback instead of Burris we wouldn't even be discussing the play right now let alone remembering it. Hank should have just kept his mouth shut in that interview instead of crying and whining about it and calling out another player on National TV. Lawrence at least had the class to apologize for his post game comments,Burris should be apologizing as well for the uncalled for tirade he had in that half time interview as well as the TSN panel apologizing for agreeing with it. The only thing that Lawrence should and probably will get fined for is his comments on the officiating and Burris if you ask me should also receive a fine for his halftime comments berating another player on live TV. It will be totally ridiculous and uncalled for if the league fines Lawrence for that hit on Burris just because Hank was crying about it and the talking heads at TSN all agreed on it.


Me too, particularly in light of the fact that it actually had no effect on the result.

Almost 24 hours there are still complaints about a player "whining" following a play which didn't determine the outcome one way or another. Is there any irony there?

The funny thing is that when Burris was hit by Westerman last week, he actually gave Westerman the benefit of the doubt after the game even though he was pissed at him as it happened. It was only later than the agreed with the punishment.

Why should any of these people apologize? They have a different opinion than you do is all.

I didn't think the hit on Mathews was high at all, it didn't look like a helmet to helmet, looked closer to David Hinds hitting Mathews on the shoulder pad as he dipped to throw. The hit on Burris was a legal hit inside the rules, what it showed more was the character of Lawrence, it was quite clear he targeted the knee of a player he knew was injured. If that's how a quality player like Lawrence wants to play his game, then he should expect to get called out on those hits. Burris had every right to be pissed off.

I agree. Even when he played for Hamilton, his whining bugged me

Well I guess that the complaints about Hank's whining might have something to do with the fact that Hank played with Lawrence and KNOWS(or should) what kind of player he is i.e. NOT a dirty player, yet he chose to malign Simoni's reputation publicly. Simoni was then put on the spot having to defend his legal hit when approached by reporters at half time. Burris threw more fuel on the fire with post-game comments as well.
I find it rich that he would excuse a player who hit late and low illegally and caused the injury but publicly berate a former team mate who was just making a clean tackle!

It wasn't a clean hit, it was a legal hit by CFL rules, there is a big difference. Westerman's hit was low and by league rules a dirty hit. Westerman should have been ejected at the time. Lawrence was chasing, he still targeted the leg. I don't think Burris overreacted, any QB would have. I don't expect Burris will have any more to say about the matter. I'd be more surprised if Burris and Lawrence don't chat about it on a professional level before the next game.

Exactly. He WOULD know him and maybe his opinion of Lawrence isn't as high as you think it is. Lawrence admits he hits low regularly. I'm not sure how many offensive players think that's a cool way to play.

I don't blame Burris for getting mad at a guy diving into his legs and in truth, I don't blame Lawrence for defending himself. In both cases though, words could have been chosen better.

David Hinds took over in the second half at MLB in the team's first game in Montreal and I thought he was great because he TACKLED. Both arms around the waist and haul the guy down. Whatever happened to that? If Lawrence and Hinds do that in this game, no problems for either one.

At the time he defended him, he had accepted Westerman's claim that he had been blocked into Burris. It was when they looked at it later that he realized that the claim was bogus and

It's not a question of getting mad, it becomes a question of how you react on national TV and TSN at half time, if Burris was upset he could have placed his words differently but chose to cut down Lawrence as a dirty hit or cheap shot and trying to end his career or take away his lively hood??

If Henry had any class and I'm sure he does, he would have chose his words differently because as much as we need to protect the QB's in the CFL game we need to protect the CFL game in general and players should not bad mouth other players over national TV this kind of street boy talk should be left on the streets, or on the sidelines or locker rooms not on National TV!!