What Helps Us More? Als or Bombers Win?

I've been cheering for Montreal tonight because I figure that they're going to win the East anyways... might as well beat the Bombers and help keep them all by themselves in last place. This way we just have to concentrate on not allowing a team in the West to cross over.

Is this good thinking or am I completely missing something and it's actually better for the Bombers to win?

Your right we are in a dog fight with Toronto and Winnipeg for the last playoff spot, the western teams are to strong and will get a cross over spot.

My thoughts this morning were for the Bombers to win for the obvious reason of points in the East and Hamilton possibly getting the home field position. I believe if our fans were like the game yesterday all the time (extremely positive) we would be unstoppable.

We have two more cracks at the Als, so getting a better position re second is even more important here. The more separation we get from Winnipeg, the better!

Oski Wee Wee,

I'd say a Bombers win is better, the less wins for anyone ahead of us, the less games back we are. If Al's lose, we're only a game out of a tie for first. I'd assume we'll be favorites for the next two games, it really isn't too far out to think that after labour day we could be in contention.

My thoughts exactly. Lots of football left to play either way.

Yes, I think Montreal is a good team and they will be right up there shooting for first in the East. So they may as well win.

What scares me now. Is the Bombers will be desperate next week. So we can`t take them lightly. For them, it is a " must win "

Hopefully B.C wins tonight and the Eskies start losing, so there won`t be a crossover.

montreal happy they won.
catching them for 1st will be tough as they already have the tie breaker on us already.
put winnipeg away thurs now, and it's between us and argos for a home playoff game.
not without saying if we can string together a streak we could maybe catch montreal.
boy, if calvillo ever got hurt?
guess we can dream about getting to the cup...for now.

Funny how 30 hours ago many had written off the season, with the playoffs already out of reach. One game later and we are arguing about whether Montreal should lose and we catch first.

I never even considered first place for this year (or second for that matter). Thus I'm quite content with the Bombers loss and letting Montreal take 1st. With the way the east is shaping up this year, second place is a distinct possibility.

these next 2 games are huge.
here's hoping als beat argos next week.
we beat winnipeg thurs and beat argos labour day and it looks like 9-9 could get you 2nd in the east.which means 5-4 for us in the last nine games.

i am really not all that concerned right now on what the other Eastern Division teams are doing. It's very early in the season and as long as you keep winning games you won't need to worry about what other teams do.

Kind of a double edged sword. The Als have 3 games agains the Argos and one more agains the Bombers. Obviously it would be nice if they swept the series against both. The way it looks right now it going to be tough for any eastern team to catch them anyway so might as well let them help us out.

We are already down two to the Als so the best we can do is win both and split. If we can do that, beat the Argos again and play well against the Bombers that elusive playoff spot will be in our sights. I would sooner have them looking over their shoulders for the crossover than us.

Oh yeah, we have to hope the western teams beat all the eastern teams except us. :lol: