What helmet will we wear on retro week?

For the 1970s, would we have the classic leaping tiger logo on the helmets? I hope we do, because I've missed that logo the last six years. I was hoping we'd have it last year, but the "TC" helmets were also authentic I guess.

I hope its this:

As long as they don’t wimp out and use the new leaping tiger. The old original tiger was so much better.



The old leaping tiger would rip the new one to shreds (that is, if they were real tigers :wink: ).

Although, as Bob said, the new logo is easier to draw, and it's brighter.

...and neither depiction is accurate, making the both of them caricatures.

Excuse me while I duck!

The new tiger is going to be more aesthetic to 90% of people. I like both but actually prefer the new a bit. Just looks cleaner and more professional.

Good for a tatoo, like say, on your calf...

The new one's definitely grown on me. Before I thought it looked like all the logos that have swept the CHL.

you have a link or source to back that claim?

The helmet should have the old leaping tiger (my favourite) on it. SInce they are honouring the '72 Grey Cup team and 1972 was the first year they wore the old leaping tiger on their helmets, it would only be appropriate to have the old logo on the helmets.

I like the old one..

That's the real one for me...

The new one looks like it was drawn by a 15 year old kid with a pencil,ruler,and,a set of pencil crayons...

I think it's a cheesy (and probably cheaper) knock off of the original....

I 'm with you on this one, zenstate. Although, I think I might like the new tiger better if his belly and left rear leg came out of the shadows. There have been complaints about the little bit of red on the team's gold pants and gold jerseys, which I find attractive as an added touch, complimenting the new cat's red tongue.

CaptainKirk: Thanks for putting up the old and new for comparison

cattmann77: I believe the leaping tiger made his debut on the helmets in '66, and it may have been mid-season that year. I know for sure that he was on the '67 helmet leaping through the centennial symbol.

x 2 :thup:

the old one is a blob of orange and black.

the new one is clear.

maybe had they designed the new one without so drastically changing the tigers head, more people would have been happy?

the new tiger body is very faithful to the original.

umm if they use the new logo then whats the point in having a retro night?

Ottawacat, i stand corrected, it was in '67 where the leaping tiger first appeared on the helmet.


Gotta be. The jersey isn’t quite true to the period, but there’s no reason the helmet can’t be.

of course if you look carefully, the new logo has shadow where the left read or hind leg rests.. a 'dark side"

:roll: spooky! (the concept not the song)

The pictures from practices this week confirm that the retro helmets are exactly like the picture above, including the OLD tiger. The only deviation in the overall look of the helmets from what they wore in the '72 Grey Cup at IWS is the colour of the face guards. Back then they were grey.