What have you done for me lately

I’m not sure if it has to do with the internet or what; but I’m noticing a terrible trend in sports reporting and commentary.

The “what have you done for me lately” has become ridiculous. It has always been the case in sports that fans and reporters judge athletes only by their last game however we are getting to the next level around here.

While Lulay (whom I do think has a future as a Lion) and Harris both had solid games in the Peg, everybody is way over the top excited about them - especially Lulay. And yet if they (contingent upon injuries) do nothing in Regina then people will claim they stink.

Printers’ return has been hailed as on par as the Dickenson-Buono reunion signing (which was HUGE). Give me a break people - there is a reason why Wally had Casey as the backup then and now too. Printers is here because of a horrible streak of injuries at the QB spot and for no other reason.

One game or one season do not make superstars.

Prediction for next week:
If we win this weekend then people will start talking Grey Cup
If we lose this weekend then people will call for the firing of Buono, Chapdelaine and Pierce (the usual favorites), and anybody else they can think of except for Geroy (who apparently has never had a bad game)

dude - yer still batting 1000 with that analysis.

couldnt have been said better lol...didnt you know its the QBs fault when geroy has a bad game haha

He's right though,Some ask for Wally 's head when we were struggling out of gates. Buck and Jarious were getting blame for a team that didn't have an offensive line that protected them much. We could on and on about CP. Like Yo said if it wasn't for the mash unit in the QB department CP wouldn't be here period.

That's because most sports fans in Vancouver are jackassses and ignorant. Generally speaking I can't stand the fans here. But the hardcores are truely hardcore! :rockin: